HP Pavilion won't boot.

From shutdown, when I try to boot this windows 7 64-bit machine, eventually the Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media...... message appears. First there is attachment 1, then attachment 2. After hitting ctl-alt-del, then tapping F10 to get to bios (ver 6.02, attachment 3) , I arrow over to Boot, down to 1st Boot Device, enter,select HDD group, enter. Then F10 to save and it boots. Now, restart will always reboot, but not ever after shutdown.
Things I've tried: Replaced CMOS battery, Restored to original configuration, bootrec.exe (fixmbr and fixboot), repair startup, etc. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. It appears that it's trying to go to a network boot 1st but not sure why.

1st screen2nd screenBios snap
Paul BlairAsked:
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Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
btw, I disabled the network boot in bios and it went right to the "Reboot and select the proper boot device......" screen.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
It does not find a boot drive to boot from. Means:
1) either the HDD or RAID is not detected
2)There is no boot files on the drive installed

Is this RAID based system?
When you boot from Windows 7 Installation media to repair mode and get to command line go to Diskpart and see which partition is set active. And how many partitions are there on the drive.
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
Not raid based, just a standalone desktop, 1 750GB drive. I can eventually boot: the disk management view is in the next attachment with the System partition being active.
Disk management view
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Ok, seems I did not read from the phone your original message completely.
What you describe sounds pretty as BIOS problem.  
Is the BIOS version the latest one? When rellacing the battery, was it a new one?
Instead of doing your steps - when you use in bios - restore settings to default and then save changes and restart (F10) - will it boot?
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
I hate to assume anything but when going to HP for support, they do not offer any upgrades to bios, so I assume I have to latest (6.02   7/21/2010). Battery was brand new. I tried to use the F5 in bios (Use Setup defaults) and hit F10 to save. Didn't help. WIll not boot from shutdown.
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
I just tried another F9 (diagnostics run) with good results.
Diagnostics results
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
What is the model of HDD? Find out its model and get to the vendor web site. Dowload there a HDD test tool and scan the drive with it. Does it report the drive as healthy?
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
I'll do that tonight. Thank you. I'll post results tomorrow.
Thanks for your time today.

memory dimms only on bank 3 and 4? You should start with bank 1. The second RAM should be on bank 2 or 3, depends on the system.

In BIOS -> memory you should see either single or dual mode - try bank 2 or 3 - if it is on dual mode take this setting.

Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I'll make that change.
try the boot corrector tools from the paragon rescue cd :  http://www.paragon-software.com/home/rk-express/
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
Update: 10/2/2014 1PM Eastern.

Using SeaTools from Seagate, I ran their tests on the hard drive which all seemed to pass.
Then, taking Sascha's advice, I swapped the memory modules; first to slots 1 and 2, then to 1 and 3. Still, the system, upon restart from shutdown, appears to want to boot from the network. I ran Paragon’s fix recovery, ran all options that recognized the Windows 7 OS, again, to no avail. I even bought another new CMOS CR2032 battery, still nothing.
The strangest thing is this: After getting the initial message below (which started this thread), I'm able to hit Ctl-Alt-Del to restart, then F10 to get to bios, then F10 again to Save WITHOUT MAKING A Change, and the system reboots fine. It also reboots when doing just a restart; it comes back normally after Sleep.
Unless I've missed something, I'm going to call it done. Thank you all for your input. I'm stumped.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Have you tried to swap the cables between DVD drive and HDD?
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
No, but I will do that tonight and post a reply tomorrow.

Thank you.
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
I just swapped the DVD and HDD cables. Still no success. \--(I should have thought of that :(--/
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
This is really strange behavior. Do you have a spare drive where you could install new Windows and see if the behavior is different?
I assume it is BIOS who is the problem. But if you install Windows fresh on empty drive then you can know it for sure.

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when you ran the disk diag - did you run the LONG diag?  just to confirm
also - did you try the boot corrector tool i posted?
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
I ran the Paragon boot corrector tool as asked but it didn't help. I did not run the long version but I will do that today. No, I don't have a spare drive nor a copy of winodws 7. Doesn't the recovery from the D drive put a fresh Windows 7 down?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Actually not. It puts there a version and configuration which was done by deployment at production where the laptop was prepared at.
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
I just tried to run a long disk test from Seagate. After an hour I got the BSOD.  A second time, same BSOD. Hmmm,
now I think I'll quit. Time for a new drive. You guys are the best.

a BSOD???  which one - or post the minidump - find it in windows\minidumps
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
Sorry Robus, I picked up another drive, reloaded a fresh Windows 7 as Noxcho recommended and all is well. I spent way too much time on this. Windows now boots everytime from shutdown, restart and sleep.

Thank you all.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
I think you had a failing disk that wasn't spinning up properly or passing its own internal diagnostics from a cold boot, but would sometimes get going from a warm boot.

If the disk wasn't reporting itself as a viable boot device in time, the BIOS would step past it to the next available option, in your case, attempting to boot from the network.  

But, glad it's working now.  

In terms of salvaging the disk, you may get some joy from Spinrite from GRC, but personally I'd see if I could return it under warranty - they can be pretty long these days - 3 years is not uncommon.
Paul BlairAuthor Commented:
Thank you DanCh99.
spinrite is old and not updated - i use the HDDRegenerator for this now :

if all is well - don't forget to close this Q
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Warming up HDD? I know the trick how to get the drive work by freezing it but the theory about disk which needs to warm itself up sound crazy. I don't think that Paul is working in open air at south pole so that difference in few grades could affect the boot from this disk.
The problem lays here in the disk's health or Windows installation itself. The test with new installation allowed us to exclude BIOS from the list of suspects. And the error given by HDD check leaned the suspects to HDD.
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