Deploying from Template using VMWare Infrastructure Java API

I'm using the VI Java API for VMWare and the vCenter 5.0.0.  I can successfully clone a running VM but would like to clone/deploy a VM from template.  However, when I specify a template to clone instead of a VM I get this:

Clone virtual machine

A specified parameter was not correct.  

Not sure how to specify or if I even have a resource pool.  Here's my code:

public void cloneVM() throws Exception{
			System.out.println("inClon<wbr ></wbr>eVM");

		    String vmname = "chefDemo232_Template";
		    String cloneName = "template clone test";
		    ServiceInstance si = new ServiceInstance(
		        new URL("my URL"), "my name", "my password", true);

		    System.out.println("afterU<wbr ></wbr>rl");
		    Folder rootFolder = si.getRootFolder();
		    VirtualMachine vm = (VirtualMachine) new InventoryNavigator(
		        rootFolder).searchManagedE<wbr ></wbr>ntity(
		            "VirtualMachine", vmname);
		 //   Datacenter dc = (Datacenter) new InventoryNavigator(
		        //    rootFolder).searchManagedE<wbr ></wbr>ntity("Dat<wbr ></wbr>acenter", dcName);
		 //   ResourcePool rp = (ResourcePool) new InventoryNavigator(
		           // dc).searchManagedEntities(<wbr ></wbr>"ResourceP<wbr ></wbr>ool")[0];

		      System.out.println("No VM " + vmname + " found");
		      si.getServerConnection().l<wbr ></wbr>ogout();

		    VirtualMachineCloneSpec cloneSpec = 
		      new VirtualMachineCloneSpec();<wbr ></wbr>
		    cloneSpec.setLocation(new VirtualMachineRelocateSpec<wbr ></wbr>());
		    cloneSpec.setPowerOn(false<wbr ></wbr>);
		    cloneSpec.setTemplate(fals<wbr ></wbr>e);

		    Task task = vm.cloneVM_Task((Folder) vm.getParent(), 
		        cloneName, cloneSpec);
		    System.out.println("Launch<wbr ></wbr>ing the VM clone task. " +
		    		"Please wait ...");

		    String status = task.waitForMe();
		      System.out.println("VM got cloned successfully.");
		      System.out.println("Failur<wbr ></wbr>e -: VM cannot be cloned");

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Uni KittyCommented:
Hi Hyper,

I'm not a programmer but I have some VMware resources that may help you troubleshoot this problem.

First have a look at the vSphere 5.0 SDK guides if you haven't already, the location.pool is only required for templates, which is probably why it works for a running VM if you're not specifying it.

Check out:

Check out this fling tool from VMware, called Onyx, you can use this on the vCenter Server and have Onyx launch the vSphere client, then it will output the XML of whatever tasks you're doing. you might find this useful. It will tell you what things should look like.

Good luck!
Uni KittyCommented:
Hi There! Just checking back to see if you were able to figure it out?
HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
Yeah, sorry for the delay.  This is for work so my job dictates my schedule on when I can work on stuff.  I figured it out:

 VirtualMachine vm = (VirtualMachine) new InventoryNavigator(
                         "VirtualMachine", vmname);
                 Datacenter dc = (Datacenter) new InventoryNavigator(
                         rootFolder).searchManagedEntity("Datacenter", dcName);
                 ResourcePool rp = (ResourcePool) new InventoryNavigator(



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Uni KittyCommented:
Great! I'm glad you got it working!
HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
The actual solution which the expert comment led me too is shown in my answer.
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