my homepage opens to for both IE and Chrome regardless of my homepage settings

Hi! I have a user whose browsers open to regardless of what I have entered in the homepage settings. I have run virus scans and malwarebytes as well and no malicious results. I have made sure there are no unfamiliar programs installed as well. Does anyone know what I should do to get the homepage settings to work? I have no problems getting to other web pages either.
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Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Reset your browsers and check your registry for
mrosierAuthor Commented:
I did a browser reset already, but how do I go about searching the registry for Please forgive my ignorance as I rarely edit the registry manually.
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
Your system must have been infected by trojan. Scan your system to detect any trojan.
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mrosierAuthor Commented:
well I have run current and updated versions of Malwarebytes and SEP without any malicious items found already
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
From run type regedit.exe and hit enter. When Registry Editor opens hit Ctrl + F, type and hit enter. Wherever it finds it, examine everything around it, all keys and other strings. If they appear legit just change the to your home page and hit F3 to keep searching. Also, try combofix from
mrosierAuthor Commented:
Hi Gabriel,
I did find two instances of this in the registry:
1.) hkey_current_user<Software<Microsoft<Internet Explorer<Low Registry<DOMStorage and there was a key for it under there

2.)hkey_user<S-1-5-21-*random numbers*<(and then the path is the same from Software on)

Am I able to modify/delete them?
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Yes modify.
mrosierAuthor Commented:
Ok I tried modifying them, but when I open IE or Chrome, a new registry key appears in those same sections for and the browsers open to that page still. Should I try the combofix instead?
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Yes, you still have something there that keeps changing it back. Be careful with combo fix. I have seen it break some things in the past. Back up, back up, back up.
mrosierAuthor Commented:
well short of the combofix, is there anything else I can try/check?
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
That is one of the best.
mrosierAuthor Commented:
ok gotcha, I will give this a try tomorrow and come back with the outcome. Thanks!
mrosierAuthor Commented:
Ok, so what I ended up doing was trying a different profile before messing with the combofix. Now IE gave me a proper homepage. Chrome still gave me the bitable one. So I then uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and that fixed the problem there. So what I did was just wipe out that user's profile, recreated it, and things were running normally on the browsers. I also went into safe mode with networking and ran Malwarebytes and SEP just to be certain and both came up clean. So that worked for me! However, I am not sure how to award points with this resolution.

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Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Awarding points is purely your opinion. Whomever gave the the best answer to solve your problem gets the accepted solution, even if it is your own, and any helpers get assisted answer, but only ones that helped solved it. So if you figured it out on your own and everyone else was trivial the you get all the points.
mrosierAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks Gabe, I appreciate the guidance!
mrosierAuthor Commented:
This really was the only solution as the other solutions didn't change the state of the machine at all though everyone's efforts were much appreciated
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