Setting up ThinClient , 1 server - 20 Clients

hai, greetings,

I need help and ideas for setting up a Thin client server and clients of 20

for testing purpose, i have ordered Dell FX 170 & FX 130 .

kindly help me with my server configuration, Software selection / installation , things i need (hardware/software)

clients use our Hospital Management Software (Vb & Oracle) , MS office, nuthing more.

Kindly guide me since i have very basic knowledge about Thin clients (i do have knowledge about the rest :P )
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Well they do what remote desktop client does  (or vnc, or nx, or X11 or citrix, or vmware pcoip)
So you need (windows) terminal server that serves thin clients' desktop
kumaraneksAuthor Commented:
Can i have the Installation and setup Guide??

""kindly help me with my server configuration, Software selection / installation , things i need (hardware/software)""

Thank You
Well install windows server and add terminal server role and CALs. Click next 12x , in multiple choice menus add terminal service role, then click next 5x more.
Other software - up to your and usrs' preference...

For testing a thin client you can enable remote desktop on some windows workstation.
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kumaraneksAuthor Commented:
- what configuration should i choose for my server..??? ( 20 Clients )

- any other software requirement other than wt users use..?

- Which OS version for server..??

Thank you so much for the kind help
- any
- ask users. Probably you dont need videocard overclocking control panel in default session (see autoruns at sysinternals to tweak that)
- no idea. NT4 or newer

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kumaraneksAuthor Commented:
Thank you, accepted the solution, hope you got the points.
kumaraneksAuthor Commented:
Thank you
Pockets full of points, thanks.
Check what applications users keep on their desktops. Probably you can approve some common side-install to make part of them happier.
Do you have file server? Roaming profiles between TS and desktops? well there is a lot to consider, or you can change later as time and budget permits...)
kumaraneksAuthor Commented:
we have a Domain Server & 2 DB server's

20 - Clients.

i thought of removing Domain Server , as going for a thin client.

as i said, clients use only simple VB based Software & MS office.

Ur previous inputs were valuable, it would be really great if i get some more guidance. (what ever it may be hardware, software)

Can i go for Windows server 2012..??

and the thin clients i have ordered for testing Dell FX 170 & FX 130 , one is  gonna come preloaded with xp embedded and other with 7 , will that be a point to be considered?

if you have come across some guide over the internet that explains setting up a Thin client server & clients do share.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
use the thin client with Windows 7 Embedded.. Windows XP is out of date and since this is a capital expense you will want to have them viable until after they are fully depreciated.

There really isn't a thin client server, remote desktop services that supports 20 sessions (you will need memory and good hard drive speed.  If you have insufficient memory then your hard drive operations per second will increase as the pagefile acces increases
Well as MVP you should say windows 7 configuration SUX because it has Java and X11 included - or not?
kumaraneksAuthor Commented:
@ David Johnson, CD, MVP   -  thank you soo much..

@gheist - No java... thank you sooo much..!!
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