Itunes sync process problem with ipad and iphone

I've got iphone and ipad..I have lots of CDs,including musics so I import them into ITunes and then sync with iphone and ipad..I have two notebooks and one of them is at home and other is at work..I want to install itunes on both of them and then sync but when I try this, sync process is deleting all  musics which are imported from CD on both iphone and ipad..there might be problem or diffucult to use only one Itunes which are installed on a computer so sometimes when I need the itunes, I have to use only one notebook installed itunes..when I load them to cloude like googledrive or others, they dont play track formats and they dont play in iphones and ipad..when I install itunes to two different computer, itunes delete all tracks, and this takes too long time for me to import again from CD to it possible to use itunes on two or three computer without losting tracks or other informations while sync processsing?
Teoman SahinAsked:
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Robert HolmesNetwork Engineer / Operations ManagerCommented:
Hi Teoman,

To assist with rectifying your issue, I will need to know the following information.

What information from each notebook are you attempting to sync to your iPhone & iPad?

If you are trying to sync music that are on the two notebooks (some on one, some on the other), unfortunately iTunes will not allow you to perform this.

If you are syncing some types of information on the notebooks (pictures on one, music on the other), you should be able to perform this by doing the following.

1. Plug in your iPhone/iPad to your computer
2. Open iTunes (if not already open) and select your device in the list on the right
2. Go through the tabs available in the main section and uncheck any boxes with "Sync XXXX" and click apply.

Please reply if this does not make sense or if you have any further questions.
Teoman SahinAuthor Commented:
thank you for your information so I need to sync  track formats(learning purpose,such as study CDs)so I dont need to sync other information like pictures so in my notebook at home,I have installed itunes then I imported lots of track files from directly CD into iTunes then I tried to install itunes in my other notebook at work and I tried to import track formats from different CDs and itunes said me "Erase and download track files" when I click sync music files so that means it deletes all playlists and it starts importing new tracks from inserted CD.after sync, I have lost all old playlist folders, there have been new ones not old ones..I could not understand why it is deleting old playlists and downloading new playlists so unfortunatelly I can not see two different computer on anywhere on itunes

if I choose "uncheck any boxes with "Sync XXXX" and click apply". how can I Ioad the new playlists to iphone or ipad?
Teoman SahinAuthor Commented:
firstly I am importing track formats from CD to İtunes then I am syncing to both ipad an iphone..but if I install itunes to second computer,then again importing track formats from other CD to itunes and then I am syncing the track formats to ipad or iphone so itunes says " are you sure it will Erase and download again" when I click yes(other choice: cancel) it deletes all old playlists and it creates new ones that I have just created is very bad and like nigtmare.why is it behaving like this?
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Robert HolmesNetwork Engineer / Operations ManagerCommented:
Hi Teoman,

Syncing music from two different laptops running iTunes is not possible by design. Apple has done this to prevent piracy.

Your only options would be either to use an alternative program to iTunes (sorry unsure exactly a program right at the moment, will research and let you know) or will need to dedicate one device to one notebook.
Teoman SahinAuthor Commented:
yes but my CD's is legal and I paid for some money to buy these studies CDs so I can not always reach my notebook at home to import CDs so I have to carry it anywhere I went to so unforunately you can not import them without Itunes and CDs are always coming to me with study books so I tried to import them to Cloud like googledrive or others but they dont play track formats on iphone or ipad due to IOS systems so when I tries to install itunes in my notebook at work which I generally carried with me then it says" itunes will erase and download" after this, I lost all old playslists and I see only new ones
Robert HolmesNetwork Engineer / Operations ManagerCommented:
Yes Teoman.

Apple does not allow you to sync music from two different computers with iTunes. Does not matter if the items are legal or not it will erase the content. This is by design and there is no way around it with iTunes.

You will need to either copy all the music on your home laptop to the work laptop (using a USB drive) or use an alternative program to copy the music onto the iPhone & iPad

Some alternatives to iTunes that may achieve your goals are CopyTrans Manager or Media Monkey for Windows and SharePod or Floola for Mac. I have not used these programs so I cannot vouch on their validity for this job but appear to say they can do what you want to do.

Media Monkey I did use a long time ago for old MP3 players and worked really well, might be the best place to start.
Of course you can use two computers with iTunes with the same iPhone and/or iPad.

First, on both installations of iTunes, go to Edit/Preferences/Devices, and check the box next to "Prevent ipods, iphones and ipads from syncing automatically."

Then, connect each device to each computer in turn, and check "manually manage music and videos" in iTunes on both computers on the "Summary" page for each device.

Then, you drag music from the library on each computer onto the iPhone/iPad, instead of letting iTunes "sync" with the devices.

Apple's instructions are here:

More thorough instructions here:
Teoman SahinAuthor Commented:
ok thanks but how can I load them from computers to iphone? at the end there is no any choice to load the musich from computers to iphone..there is only one choice: Sync..and when I click the sync. it erases everything in iphone and ipad
You didn't read the instructions.
you don't sync.
You drag the music from the iTunes library on the computer to the iPhone.

This lays out the "dragging" step in more detail:

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Teoman SahinAuthor Commented:
ok I will try when I get home so what I wonder is when I installs the Itunes to the second machine, it says me "your apple id XX or your account is alredy defined on an other computer so is that problem for me?
Robert HolmesNetwork Engineer / Operations ManagerCommented:
That should not be a problem Teoman. It may require you to authenticate yourself by either entering your password or by alternative means (secret questions & password, credit card ccv)
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