microsoft azure cloud computing. Are there anyone on EE that has had experience with this?

I have a small application that I would like to convert to a cloud app and would like to use MS Azure.  And I need, and would greatly appreciate, some guidance.  Any lessons learned, pitfalls, special considerations, recommendations, etc would all be welcome.   Thank you.
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Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
For running application, there are 2 models of work with Azure:

Virtual servers
Cloud services

Which one did you have in mind?

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kyluckyAuthor Commented:
Thank you shalomc.   Cloud services for sure.   It seems far simpler and believe me, I need simple.
kyluckyAuthor Commented:
I need to just start plowing through this thing I believe.   My database is in Access and I'm pretty sure Access will not work and that I will need to convert this to some form of SQL.  Do you think that this should be my first step?   And if so do you have a recommendation of what flavor of SQL I should use?
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Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
To keep in line, obviously Azure SQL Service.
kyluckyAuthor Commented:
thank you.   I'll start researching how to convert this database.
Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
The author went to pursue the suggestion in this comment and didn't come back.
It seems that this was a valid solution that put him on the path to enlightenment.

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