Toshiba Satellite will not boot for FaceRec.dll file missing

Trying to boot Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 Hm Prem..  Boot freezes before completion at opening with:  

LogonUI.exe , System Error, " The program can't start because FaceRec.dll is missing from your computer.  Try re installing the program to fix this problem."

Please help.

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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First boot to the UBCD and then run the HD manufacturer's diagnostic utility. If it fails, and it can't repair any errors, replace the disk and use the factory recovery media you made when you bought the PC to put it back to factory defaults, or use your backups to directly get it back to the image your last successful backup took.

If the diagnostic passes, can you boot to safe mode cmd prompt? If yes first run a chkdsk /f /r on all the HD's drive letters. You will need to reboot in order for this to finish. After that, if you can still only boot into safe mode cmd prompt, run an SFC /scannow, which will replace system files from it's cache, sometimes though it may need a Windows 7 DVD.

[edit: forgot the link to the UBCD:]
t_hungateConnect With a Mentor Director of TrainingCommented:
I had to do a little reading up on this one, as I know Toshiba tends to make a number of modifications to system files for a customized experience, but it seems that the LogonUI.exe files has been used in the past as a malicious vector file.  If not located in your C:\Windows\System32 folder this is likely not a system file and may have a malicious intent.

This file is also manipulated if you have a custom login established via a Theme or Customization platform as well.  If you have made or installed any themes to your system from third party sources you may want to remove those and see if that corrects the issue as well.

I would use a bootable USB or disk and dig around to see where this file is.  There is an official MS signed version of this file that should be located in the system32 folder, however any others should be treated as malicious and removed.

Will that fix the error at boot for your Windows system, I'm not sure.  But I would start there and perhaps the LogonUI and FaceRec.dll issue will be taken care of.

Ref Link:
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
facerec.dll is known malware that somehow got hooked into your system. can you boot into safemode and run system restore to a point before this problem started?
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DwEckertAuthor Commented:
Tried safe mode and none of the restore points work.
DwEckertAuthor Commented:
t hungate:   I've checked with Kapersky Boot disc and found a loginui.exe not in the system32 and deleted it.  It made no difference.  I've done a boot scan with Kapersky,and no difference.

I've opened the generic  administrator through "safe mode" command, no difference.

I'm running a chkdsk repair now and don't expect much change.  Hasn't found anything at 37% of stage 5.

I've done system restore in safe mode and the restore will not complete on several different restore points.

Any more ways to attack this?  I'm really trying hard to avoid doing the reinstall thing in recovery.

About the only thing I can think of is a sfc /scannow.  But never had much luck with that in the past.
DwEckertAuthor Commented:
Using Kapersky boot It does find a facerec.dll in a Toshiba folder.  So I know that file is there, but dont' know if it may be corrupted.
try scanning for malware with a bootable cd

***make sure you let it update the virus definitions first!!
DwEckertAuthor Commented:
None of your suggestions fixed the problem.  I tired several boot discs, plus hidden admin account.  When looking for files to save, could not find user profiles.  None of the explorer programs worked and all I got was the original message.

After three days decided I was trying to rescue nothing, Lets redo the the whole thing.  Toshiba has a good reformat process and I'm in the middle of installing the Toshiba drivers now.

Thanks for your help;.

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