get to correct starting WordPress page on theme


I purchased a theme called "Accountancy" for WordPress. You can see it here:

I am new to WordPress.  I installed the theme and activated it, but instead of getting what they show on the demo page above, I get the page here:

I've looked at their documentation and it shows the proper front page (of course), but all I'm getting is a blog page.  I've looked at the 'pages' menu item in theme customization, but they all look the same!

What do I do?? Thanks!
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Joshua GrantomSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
1. First create a new page called Home and choose whichever template it is using.
2. Create another page called blog
3. Then Under Settings > Reading. You can choose the home page and a blog page for your wordpress install.
4. Under Appearence > Menus. You also need to setup the main menu. Once you add the 2 pages you have created, it will start looking more like it but there is a long way to go.
5. You will need to fill the homepage  with content

I would check to see if they have the sample data available for download.

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ugebAuthor Commented:
I'm a little confused on this.  Shouldn't there already be a front page that looks like the one in the link?  Otherwise, what's in the template other a few colors and fonts?
Joshua GrantomSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
The theme does not come with the content, it is only the styling (colors, fonts, layout, positioning, etc...) There is a lot more going on in the background of the theme than fonts and colors.

Have you ever created a website before? If this is your first time working on wordpress or even using HTML or CSS. There is a long road ahead of you before you can make your site look like the sample page from themelab.

 Having Flash and Actionscript as background Im sure you will catch on quick.

I'm sure if you contacted them they may be able to provide you with the sample content and how to add it to the database.
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ugebAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I've created websites ... though I've never enjoyed it.  I've done it of necessity sometimes.  

If I buy a website template, there are preformatted pages and I can just change the text and pictures and not have to worry about messing with the CSS.  I thought this would be the same having purchased a wordpress template.

Are you saying that I have to do a lot of work to format the page to look like the template??  I would have been better off buy a straight web template then.

How do I get my front page to look like the picture they provide?
Joshua GrantomSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
If you were wanting the exact content layout, an HTML template would have been better.

There is no way to make it look exactly like they provide unless you can figure out all of the shortcodes they used for the text and copy and past everything into your wordpress site. You will need to copy the pictures from the sliders, figure out the effects, and recreate everything.

Unless they can provide you with all of the sample content, I would suggest asking them first.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
I purchased a theme called "Accountancy" for WordPress.

I know this isn't really the time and place to say this, but you got ripped off.  There is nothing about this theme that I would have paid for.  You would have been better off sticking with free themes from the WordPress repository.

As Joshua says, the theme you bought is the same theme you see on the demo (structurally) but the demo theme is using customized CSS, a slider plugin, and some other customizations that they don't enable by default even if they actually include them in the theme.  Since you paid for it, I would contact them and make them support you.  If they refuse, do a chargeback and let either myself of Joshua know and I'm sure we can find you a free theme that has the same basic features that isn't a rip off.  Of course, it's possible you'll get support and they will tell you where things are and how to enable them.

I've looked at their documentation and it shows the proper front page (of course), but all I'm getting is a blog page

Go to Settings | Reading and select Display Page (and select the page) instead of Recent Posts.  That may get you going in the right direction.  The next thing to do is look at the widgets available (Appearance | Widgets) and customize from there.

What do I do?? Thanks!

From what you describe, it sounds like you Googled for "tax service wordpress theme" or something like that and went with what you could find that matched.  The problem with this approach is that WordPress themes are usually content-agnostic.  Any theme should be able to handle any type of content and it's the customizations to the theme that individualize a site.  If you were looking for fully-formed HTML template with a tax/accounting "theme" to it, that's kind of a different animal and WordPress probably isn't the best solution.

WordPress themes have a header, content area, sidebar(s) and a footer and each of those areas (except for the content area, usually) have widget areas. You customize the theme from Appearance | Customize and that's where you can usually add or change the header image, CSS changes, etc.

To make individual pages do interesting things, you can use Custom Page Templates (make a new page.php file for a specific page on your site) and depending on the theme, swap in different headers/menus or other things.
ugebAuthor Commented:
Thank you both.  Yes, it does sound like I got ripped off.  And indeed, I did search for the keywords just as you said.  I wanted/needed something quickly to put up.

I ended up going with concrete5 that has actual layouts in addition to CMS.  They have themes that have actual template pages and some are pretty good.

Thanks to both of you.
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