Replicate files using Rsync

Hi Experts,

We are in a small Novell OES enviorment and we have added a backup server to our remote office and would like to syncronize the changes to our files(volumes) from our main server to our backup server and I am not sure how to setup Rsync to acomplish this or if that is the best solution.

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1. Check the ssh connectivity between both nodes.
2. setup rsync command in cron for auto schedule.

rsync -v -e ssh /www/backup.tar.gz tom@destination.system:/path/to/copy

talltreeAuthor Commented:
Hi Susan,

How to i check the 1. Check the ssh connectivity between both nodes.?

Also can you break down this command(what it does)?
rsync -v -e ssh /www/backup.tar.gz tom@destination.system:/path/to/copy

thank you
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
first your main server should have connectivity to the backup server
then you need to assure your data is transferred on a secure way. for that the most used transfer method is SSH.
you can test that if you ssh to the remote server. you need your backup data to be copied under a specific user. check that user has access to write to a filesystem with enough space.
if you were able to ssh to the remote user, then you can use rsync to backup your current directory to the remote server.

however, rsync is a swiss army knife for remote sync. you can do TONS of things with it.

for example, by using ssh, you can add -C switch and data will be transferred compressed on the fly. this takes much less bandwidth.
other example is you can have different directories on the remote server and backup day by day. this will be the best since you can go and recover files from previous backups.
on this item, you can use some advanced switches on rsync, so it REFERENCES previous files on the disk. this is, even if you are backing up on different directories, as long as you use those switches and reference a "BASE" directory, files will never be written twice. just referenced. I have used this capability to do daily backups for months without running out of space.

this said, you may want to see at

for example.

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talltreeAuthor Commented:
Thank You Susan I am reading your links.

Another question on your example,
rsync -v -e ssh /www/backup.tar.gz tom@destination.system:/path/to/copy

If you scheduled this in Cron how would you add the password? and is it possible to sync changes both ways? We actually have a specifc folder that is used by a department and the department has staff at 2 locations.

Thank You
i would suggest to use keybased auth between hosts.

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