CIFS file systems issue

One of the  celerra CIFS file systems for the server reached 100% full   on 1st Oct 6-7AM BST
Highlights/Event Summary :  
· Issue has been reported at 9.00 AM BST for the server <server>
· Team checked and found that the server was running with 46% usage till morning 6. Sudden Spike was observed between 6-7 AM and the server space 100% (700GB+ increased)
· Free space again went to 1 GB from 10 GB within few hours after addition of 10 GB
· We do not have the tools required to figure out what is going on.
· 50 GB space is added. Server space was stable from evening and the free space was 77 GB.

Please help me to identify the issue.
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greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
i would use treesize from this will allow you to see where all the files are.
hopefully it will have the saem features the pro version has which allows you to see all the new files that are on the system.

aarun_tcsAuthor Commented:
we tried it. actually the folders are not occupied full file system's space. apart from folder and files... there is something occupied the space. that need to find....
Check the logs of any backup or database software that write to this space.
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aarun_tcsAuthor Commented:
which log i need to refer. here.?
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
if you think the space is used on the disk then i would try running defraggler from piriform
this shows you block by block which files are using the space.

aarun_tcsAuthor Commented:
is it possible to run defraggler from nas server? or i need to run tool from windows server?
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
you need to run it from a windows computer but it can run from a usb key
I would...
Map a network drive to the Celerra File system in question
Use treesize professional to scan the mapped drive (free won't scan shares.  Professional has a free trial so you should be able to use that)
See where the space is going.

You could also search for the newest files and see where all the new files are going.  You could probably use treesize to help with this, or just use windows search.

If you have quotas enabled on your celerra you should be able to look at the quotas and see who is using the most space - that might help as well.  If you don't have quotas enabled, then this isn't an option.  Turning it on after the fact will impact your production, so don't enable it if it isn't already.
aarun_tcsAuthor Commented:
After restarting data mover i got my storage space. EMC suggested to upgrade firmware.

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aarun_tcsAuthor Commented:
Datamover firmware upgraded.
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