Url in c# razor webpage


I want my page to have the urlstructure like this:
how does it work. It seems like there need to be a psyical file like:
where category and product is .cshtml files.
Jesper ChristensenProgrammerAsked:
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kaufmed 👽Commented:
Are you writing a Web Forms or MVC application (or a Web Site project)?
Jesper ChristensenProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Web Site project
kaufmed 👽Commented:
Just to be absolutely sure:  When you say "Web Site", you created your project like this, yes?

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Jesper ChristensenProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Yes :)
kaufmed 👽Commented:
Well Web Sites don't use the routing engine that MVC comes with, so they more or less work like traditional web pages. Short of writing your own custom module, or *maybe* importing one of the MVC modules, I think URL rewriting would probably be the easiest route to go. I would start at the official ASP.NET web site for more information:


The gist of it will be that you put your simplified URLs in your Razor--probably by hand rather than through the default helpers; or perhaps you can write a helper--and you set up your rewrites to manipulate these URLs into what the web server expects to see.
Jesper ChristensenProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Ok. I´ve tried in global asa, but gets an error:  
Mente du: Typen 'ASP.Page Default Cshtml' nedarves ikke fra 'System.Web.UI.Page'.
Type 'ASP._Page_default_cshtml' not inherited from 'System.Web.UI.Page'.

void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)

    void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
        // redirects
        routes.MapPageRoute("hello", "hello", "~/default.cshtml");
kaufmed 👽Commented:
I don't think that will work because you're attempting to mix MVC and Web Site architectures. It may, but I wouldn't know where to begin in order to make it work. Someone else might.
Jesper ChristensenProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Ok. So it´s not possible to make the routes to files in folders?
It only work if the name is a file in main path?
kaufmed 👽Commented:
I'm saying that I don't believe you can use anything to do with routes because you are not working in an MVC project.

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