Using A and B drive letters

Working in Windows 7 Pro x64.

I have a user that has multiple external USB drives... At times he runs out of drive letters.

We have used "computer management" to assign fixed drive letters at the end of the alphabet... and recently assigned two of the USB drives to "A" and "B". This has worked fine in Windows Explorer.

However, he is also using Adobe Lightroom, and when he selects "view devices" he can only see C and higher. Any idea why this would be so and if there is a workaround?
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Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Drives A and B are typically designated for floppy drives.
Tomster2Author Commented:
Yes... I know.  But have not seen a floppy for at least 10 years.... and again, windows explorer sees the USB drives tagged with these letters fine.

If I had a photo on an old floppy, I would like to open it in the Adobe program.
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Sorry for cutting the last post short, I hit submit early. Adobe left out A and B since those are typically floppy drives and are archaic and not typically used any more.
In the Import window, click on Select A Source and then choose Other Source:
Then select the A or B drive and choose Select Folder:
In subsequent imports, the A or B drive will appear under Recent for even faster access:

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Tomster2Author Commented:
In the top left corner I see "Source" - but not "other source".  I see a "+" which if I click on it, says Add network Volume".  That opens Windows Explorer and I can then see A and B and select a folder on them... but once I highlight a folder and click on "Select Folder" that window closes, but the folder does not display anywhere.

I should add that when I click on "Add network volume" I get explorer and a popup that says Please insert a disk into Removable drive L...  which is an internal cardreader.
Tomster2Author Commented:
... I can cancel the popup and then select a folder on A or B.
Tomster2Author Commented:
I just found the "other source" option... but lost my connection before I could try it.  I am working remotely... their service is out for the moment. Will get back to this when they are back up.
Tomster2Author Commented:
Back up... we can use Other source to select a single folder... and that is all we are able to see.  We cannot browse the drive like we can the other drives i.e. drives that are not A or B.  So it seems like Adobe treats those letters differently than the way windows explorer does.

We can get to one folder.. but the user really hops around a lot during the course of his work so still wants to have the drives treated like the other (C or higher) drives.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Why so many drive letters - why not make a folder and MOUNT the drives to the folder?
Tomster2Author Commented:
Thats a thought....

I just tried that... but after I mounted it, it showed up as both the folder... and a drive with a letter.

After I mount it, while in computer management, do I remove the drive letter?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can.  Up to you.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

Though rare, some things might have problems accessing folder mounted drives... so since most are ok, IF you encounter a problem, leave that one with a drive letter and mount others to folders.
Tomster2Author Commented:
Turns out that adobe software ignores A and B, even though people have been requesting that they patch the code to recognize A and B for several years now... for exactly the same reasons.

The external drives that I assigned A and B to were the drives he uses the most... I thought it would be handy to have those be at the top of any list.

But bummer, I am going to have to reshuffle the drive letters. You can actually use the "other source" option to get to one folder, but it is not as handy as being to browse in a window like Windows Explorer - which you can do within Adobe lightroom for drives letters C and above.

Splitting the points... thanks for the replies.
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