Saving an entire web page to disc

I need a method for saving an entire web page to local disc, including links and photos.  I've tried various methods, which work with simple pages, not do not work with the pages I need to save.  In Internet Explorer, none of the Save As methods will produce a file which can be opened, including saving as .mht.  Using Firefox with the Print to PDF add on, many images are lost.  Using Acrobat Professional, and saving a web page as PDF, most of the photos are lost.  Here are examples of the type of page I would like to save:
Can you recommend a method which captures most, or all content on these pages?  I would prefer it not to require installation of costly software.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
No, I can't.  Those pages are taking a fair amount of effort to prevent you from doing that.  Lot's of javascript and obscure image links.
ddantesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for testing those, Dave.
I use Greenshot but it will only capture the entire page ( not including links)  using internet explorer not to hard to change for that
In the preferences set it up to print
Using Greenshot in IE open your web page and choose capture internet explorer  page.In Greenshot preferences
Greenshot preferences

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ddantesAuthor Commented:
Merete:  Thank you for that suggestion.  Would you mind testing the two links I provided in the original question, and letting me know how effectively the pages are saved with Greenshot?
In order to edit I had to redo in two comments as the images are too large edit and test
So here ya go
Haiku Vacation Rental - VRBO 38090 - 2 BR East Maui Bed And Breakfast in HI,
Starwind Cottage -- a Private,Tropical Vacation Paradise (Permitted)
Save to options
save to or send to printer
This page lovely private ocean view studio in Haiku-Pauwela;
as too many links inside the images or they are hosted some how and turned out black I did it a couple of times
the first was 7 megs this one is 4 megs
as there is a popup appears  halfway I stopped the scroll so that it didn't appear the map populated in the screen snap this time. It looks perfect on my desktop
this one the images are not black but doesn't include individual images of bedrooms etc
Yes  as you speak
it took around 7 minutes to upload to EE, very slow, I had hoped you wouldn't comment till  it was done :)
They look good, just click on the + sign to increase size and - to decrease size
ddantesAuthor Commented:
That's pretty impressive.   Thank you for introducing me to this.
Thank you, yes it's an excellent tool glad you liked it and it helped you out, open them in windows photo  gallery or photo viewer then you can scroll in.
Windows Essentials
ddantesAuthor Commented:
I've started using Greenshot, and it sometimes cuts off the right-hand portion of the Internet Explorer page.  Is there a fix for this?
I've never seen that apart from the images black in the capture yesterday.
What activity are you doing outside of Greenshot, Always keep the web page your capturing infront  ontop or that area may  go black if you click on a different page while capturing
Post the URL of the page if you know it I'll test it
ddantesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for replying.  I'm using the FireShot plug-in, and it captures the full width of the page, so I'm happy!
Cool !! never seen this one, thanks for sharing it.
Now I can just use Chrome.
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