Dynasty: Are person's genes good indicator of capability?

Dynasty: Are person's genes good indicator of capability?

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Not necessarily.  In studies of IQ versus accomplishments, the conclusions have always been that people with slightly above average IQ but who are obsessed and/or driven to succeed accomplish much more than people who are smart or even 'geniuses'.

People with genes from genius parents won't become 'capable' without effort of their own to get educated and do things.
Let's say your dynasty consists of a series of clones who are genetically identical, but have different upbringings. Wouldn't it be naive to think that they would have identical capability to run a company or country or whatever?

Studies confirm this, showing that ability in a wide range of skills manifests with wide variability in monozygotic twins.

I think in the nature vs nurture debate it would be wrong to discount either side. And since most dynasties aren't actually formed by clones, the effect of genetics is appropriately diluted further.  So genetics may provide some of the talent, but ultimately a mixture of factors produces the individual's personality.
I suspect that they are excellent indications of capability. However, I'm more sure that we are not yet very good at reading genes and interpreting the results, nor are we very good at creating growth environments that complement given sets of genes.

IMO, we regularly raise children in ways that severely restrict innate capabilities.


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SunBowAuthor Commented:
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Concluding, the experts agree that genetic inheritance is not all that good a predictor of person performing similar to ancestor, not to mention distant relatives. A person's upbringing, attitude, family tradition - environment may well be a greater factor.

It's been said about education and talent, "use it or lose it", while for some activities, like riding bicycle, swimming, the once learnt can be placed back into practice without all too much trouble.

Potential may be unrealized, atrophy may set.

While the experts seem to be in basic agreement, their methods are rather incomparable, while rather equal (3 goes not evenly into 50).  

Selecting 'best' as the part that most struck me while in current environment, the last sentence above.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Its been said about applying rules like chastity to papal authority, that a main consideration was to restrain the position from being one inherited, say from first born son. It has also been implied that the desire persisted to restrain conversion of church property to immediate family, inheritance of heirlooms

Also said was earlier criticism by Paul of those overly concentrating on genealogy.

Even so, papacy was not without presence of dynasty, possibly less so than of/for pharaohs, while less so for kingdoms (or North Koreans?)

- and this comment does not seem to compare so directly to others either.
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