What should be done to those who do not disclose their bad health?

What should be done to those who do not disclose bad health indicator?

  ... examples? ...

Suppose they lie about exposures to Ebola or their diagnosis as having contracted AIDS to their partner or to authorities?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Some things like that are against the law.  The man in Dallas may be sent back to Liberia for trial because he lied on the health forms when he left that country which was against their laws.
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Location, location, location, the laws generally apply to a location/jurisdiction. So, who has the authority to make and the power to enforce those judgements? Especially, when the damages could be so great and the guilt party might be dead before any legal action is settled.
A "lie" directly implies to me a deliberate, conscious act. As such, it becomes reckless endangerment at the least and manslaughter or murder at worst (if an outcome is death). I don't see any good reason to consider such pathogens as anything but weapons.

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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
>> ...weapons.

Used as biological weapons, suppose a terrorist suicide bomber purposely exposes his/her self to Ebola then travels to the  desired destination and tries to expose as many victims as possible.
Fortunately, ebola isn't easy to transmit to others, which is why it generally stays in isolated places. This outbreak could be a new strain that can be more contagious, but it's still not clear if it passes easily human-to-human. Best guess at the moment seems to be that it has spread in that part of Africa through fruit bats. (Edit: That's for the outbreak itself. Direct contact with bodily fluids in ways that allow entry can pass infection human-to-human. I view that separately from a significant bio-weapon, though it works as a terror-weapon.)

Still, it's the kind of thing that makes for good terror threats even if little physical effect comes from it.


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SunBowAuthor Commented:
Abandoned (14 Days)

For Ebola, I'm close to concurring with above, where of persons known infected outside of inner Africa, only one effectively hid (lied) and has since died, in hospital under juristiction of state, not feds, which demonstrated too typical lack of professionalism/oversight/accountability. Possibly he had hunch he'd suffer, wanted last ditch chance to see family, while improving ability to access better treatment facility. Hence I lean towards agreeing to 1st comment, to not reward the lie but to return to his personal 'ground zero'. Might've saved discomfort of some nurses and their extended families. OTOH - like for former prisoners and military, person might be good location for experimental unproven drug testing.

The 'reckless endangerment' seems to apply to something in news every day,  if not every hour for one issue or another. Not just some Ferguson, Nearly continually by US Secret Service, no less.

[Aside: Oct 23: An 18-year-old killed earlier this month by an off-duty St. Louis police officer was shot eight times, including six times from behind,]

For AIDS, such as for some Canadian airline attendant spreading it around like a Typhoid Mary yet not in denial, where's there to send such as he?

As for terrorist, there are much better choices for weapon than Ebola, (even smallpox) where they need to find a way deep into specific monitored zones of Africa, get some bodily fluids without attention, then find a way out, not even knowing if they succeeded in getting the disease. Then, before they get sick they'd have to find a way to get to some place where they can infect others, wait until they become more disabled, then find target who'll actually let 'em come in on a close approach.

Makes me think of some surreal zombie type movie, some sickly looking person slowly coming at you trying to drool down your throat. All too often we can behave as if inattentive. This scene does not work for me, despite all the fear mongering going on.

I suspect that those carrying weapons would be permitted right to fire first and ask questions later when drooling, vomiting zombies perform their slow-motion attacks in the inner city. More dangerous to some pranksters than to those wasting away their playstation - or doing their homework. Still, the talking heads can use it to inspire fear of terrorism.

I guess we have to compare the next Halloween to April Fools Day. For height disadvantaged?
SunBowAuthor Commented:
http://abc13.com/news/new-details-in-case-of-man-accused-of-infecting-toddler-with-hiv/364701/ - By Deborah Wrigley - Updated 28 mins ago
HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The story of a registered sex offender -- who is HIV positive -- charged with sexually assaulting his then-23 month-old niece, and impregnating a 14-year-old girl has taken another disturbing turn.
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