Create a named structure reference

I've run into a problem where I would like to learn how to create a structure name to reference headers in a table:
To reference the headers =Source_Data[#Headers]

I'm can't seem to connect the dots.
Frank FreeseAsked:
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Jan Karel PieterseExcel and VBA ExpertCommented:
I'm not sure in what context, in a formula, in VBA, ...?
Check out if it is VBA syntax you are looking for.
Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
I've been trying to edit the question as follows:

=INDEX(Source_Data[[#Headers],[Spend $]:[Cost / Sale]],,selection)

and I keep getting #NAME!
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
Using a structrured reference on the table headers like:
yields an array, so it's not a displayable value.

However, if you were using this in an indexing or array function - or wanted to create a dynamic range name, it's perfectly usable.  For example, the name of the third header lable in your table would be:

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Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
We cross-posted!  Looking at your follow-up, are you trying to do this in VBA?  "selection" makes me think so.

If so, are you trying to enter a formula in a cell with this reference or are you trying to determine the header lable based on the active cell's column on the sheet?

Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
One additional question please
[#Headers] is a predefined range and one does not have to define it in Name Manager?
Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
Actually, "selection" is a named range.
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
[#Headers] alone is not a defined range, but used with the Excel Table identifier, it can be.  And it's dynamic; will change as the table layout changes.

if "selection" is a named range, the only issue would be if the value is greater than 2 (only two columns referenced) or less than 1.



Resources (Microsoft)
Using structured references with Excel tables
Use structured references in Excel table formulas

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Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
"selection" is a cell reference (I'm not having a very good Sunday)
Thanks I'm clearer now and appreciate everyone's help!
Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
thank you kindly
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
You're welcome.  The links I posted are very helpful (for me, at least).

Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
Those will be read!
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