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Posted on 2014-10-05
Last Modified: 2014-10-07
Hi everyone,

 To clarify, in the attached file, sheet named 'Current Game 2', the teams are in blocks on the left and right side. (i.e. OAK = B5:I8; KC = J5:Q8), etc. The corresponding values from each block are culled and put into the corresponding cell in Z:AA.

   The 'SO-' comparison, we see that PIT (J9) has a value of 2 or greather in the 'SO-' column (i.e. the value in P12). That said, the values shown are:

  'PIT' in Z7 and 5-1 in 'AA7'. (The '-' is a separator.)

  The same would be done for the rest of the teams down the line.

 FYI: the dark green sections are the ones that are being referenced here, and have been filled out by hand to show the expected results.

Note also that the blanks in Z:AA are blank because the teams do not meet the criteria on having a number of two or greater in the "SO-" section (i.e. H or P). Only one team will have a value of two or greater in those cells)
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What is the value that should be >2 it is not clear to me for the PIT example is it:
P12 + Q12
P12 - Q12
or ... ?

pls clarify this point.

Author Comment

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J9 is the value to use as the standard. If it is >=2 then "PIT" is the team as is in this case. To clarify the values are not added or subtracted the value in that cell is taken at face value.

Author Comment

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To clarify further, I will use the examples in the attached sheet and go over them one by one.

SF:PIT block comparison PIT has a value of 5 and SF -5. In this case PIT's value is greather than two PIT goes on the left side (Z7) and the 'SO' values '5-1' go on the right side (AA7).

BAL:TOR block comparison TOR has a value of 2 and BAL -2. In this case TOR 's  value is greather than two; TOR goes on the left side (Z10) and the 'SO' values '2-0' go on the right side (AA10).

TB:CLE block comparison CLE has a value of 5 and the other team's value is less. In this case CLE 's  value is greather than two; CLE goes on the left side (Z11) and the 'SO' values '5-12' go on the right side (AA11).

The same will apply to all other teams. The other teams that meet this criteria are: DET, CWS, OAK, STL and LAD. All the teams have been put in manually in their respective cells with scores in the "Current Game 2" sheet.
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Accepted Solution

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ok here it is:

a clear explanation gets you a clear answer and solution.

Put this formula in Cell Z6 and drag it down
=IF(OR(ISERROR(ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2))),ISERROR(ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2)))),"",IF(AND(ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2))>2,ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2))>2),IF(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3)>0,INDIRECT("J" & 4*ROW(B5)-15),INDIRECT("B" & 4*ROW(J5)-15)),""))

Put this formula in cell AA6 and drag it down
=IF(OR(ISERROR(ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2))),ISERROR(ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2)))),"",IF(AND(ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2))>2,ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3)-INDIRECT("H" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2))>2),ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("P" & 4*ROW(E5)-15+3),2))&" - "&ABS(ROUND(INDIRECT("Q" &4*ROW(M5)-15+3),2)),""))

Pls see attached file. BTW the formula in ER 2+ not yet corrected pending your reply to the other question.

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Good Work! Thank you again.
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Glad I could help. Let me know if you need more help on this issue.

Author Comment

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Perhaps you'd like to help me finish the chart in the link below,

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