Tools for measure code coverage (C0, C1) of unit testing for C++

Dear Experts,

Please help me to find best tools for measure code coverage (C0, C1) automatically when I run UT test script.
Or any integrated tools for unit test tool to measure code coverage.
Language: C++
I'd refer free tools.

P/s: Now, I'm using CppUnit to execute my unit test scripts.

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trinitrotolueneDirector - Software EngineeringCommented:
so I did some further research and am down to a couple

Have you looked at Bulls Eye coverage? Its also mentioned in  my last post.
Its not free but you might want to evaluate it first.

And then ofcourse there's what Visual Studio provides. Its free but I was more comfortable with Bulls Eye
trinitrotolueneDirector - Software EngineeringCommented:
I've used LDRA and AMC's Codetest but both these are paid tools.

Here is a link which does a review of some free tools
What OS and compiler are you using?
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Off Topic: If you are using C++11, then there is much better tool for unit testing than CppUnit is.
FSOFT-SAAuthor Commented:
@phoffric: We're using Windows & Visual studio 2008.
Sorry, I don't have Visual studio 2008. I do see that code coverage is discussed on MSDN for this product.
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