What is http://pd0.imp.revsci.net/baycon/fpservice

When I start any function in Mozilla Thunderbird email software, Internet Explorer browser opens to the web address:


On which is found, on a plain blank page:

NAME: fingerprint-1.07
SERVER: pd0-rtbs14-ads01.sea1.audsci.net

What is it, and how do I get it to stop?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Here's some info:  http://dntp.donottrackplus.com/trackers/revsci.net.php  It appears to be an adtracking site.  I have cookies from 'revsci.net' but I don't know why it is opening your browser.   I have had links in emails cause a similar problem but it was only when I opened those emails.
jeffreyevansAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure it's worth it to me to pay for donottrackme "blocking" software.  I would prefer to remove this cookie, assuming that's what it is.

Just opening Thunderbird causes the browser to open to the revsci site - I don't need to open an email.

I currently use SpyHunter, which apparently doesn't recognize revsci.net

Anyone know how I can remove a cookie manually?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I didn't know Thunderbird saved any cookies until now.  In Thunderbird, go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy and you can turn cookies off or selectively delete them if you want.

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jeffreyevansAuthor Commented:
This may have solved the problem, but it is too soon to tell:


If it comes back I'll try deleting all cookies.
jeffreyevansAuthor Commented:
Microsoft FixIt had no effect.  The page was back the next day.

I was vaguely aware of a "cookies" section in the Thunderbird Security area of the Options dialogue.  Thanks to your suggestion I took a closer look.

There were numerous instances of "revsci.net".  If I delete them and leave the "Accept Cookies" option checked, they come back with the next boot.  Thunderbird lets you choose a "Homepage" which shows up before you do anything with your email.  I had chosen Reuters News.  I now believe revsci was being loaded along with the news.  I still don't know why it was opening my browser, but I'm pretty sure I don't care.

First surprise:

I thought all cookies show up somewhere in the registry.  The fact that revsci couldn't be found by that method came as a surprise.

Second surprise:

One of the reasons I purchased SpyHunter was to find out why this page kept popping up.  It seems that the cookies held by Thunderbird are somehow shielded from anti-spyware software.

I have deleted all cookies and declined to accept any more in Thunderbird, and am pretty sure that will solve the problem.  I'll let you know if that turns out to be wrong.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
As far as I know, no browser stores cookies in the registry.  Each one has it's own 'cookie store' separate from the others.  Thunderbird probably has it's own too.

I think that using Reuters News with all the junk that gets loaded is probably the original source of the problem.  And IE was probably being opened because Thunderbird is not a web browser and IE is probably set as your default web browser.
jeffreyevansAuthor Commented:
I'm sure revsci doesn't want to give away their presence by having the browser open.  It would therefore seem to be a glitch on their part.  Strange they haven't fixed it in the space of the two months (sporadically) that I've been trying to figure this out.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering just how many cookie stores there are.  One for Live Mail?  Another for Outlook?  Sheesh.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I'm sure revsci doesn't care.  They are not doing anything that is a secret.  I'm fairly certain that it is a consequence of opening a web page in a email program.  Normally, when you open a web page in a browser all those things happen in the background because the web browser has the 'http' connection already open.  A mail client won't have an 'http' client open or available.  If you manually click on a link in an email, that opens a web browser also.  It's the same thing but automated.

Each Browser has it's own 'cookie store' and apparently Thunderbird does too.  So on my computer I have IE8, Firefox, SeaMonkey, Chrome, Safari, and Opera and Thunderbird, then I have 7 programs that are storing cookies.  And none of them share with each other.  The Live Mail and Outlook (and Outlook Express) may have their own 'cookie stores' but I don't know at them moment whether they do or not.
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