free tool for looking at compeditors website

need some extraction site that will find the terms that the site is ranking for in google, ect.
there is always a good site out there that will do a good job,
so i want to type in and get a list of what major search terms it is found for in google
any ideas would be appreciated
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Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Well, I don't think Google will hand over that piece of information like that.
Also, they're indexes are "a bit" more complex that just a series of keywords.

This said, I don't know about the existence of such tool and also find it quite unlikely that it actually exists (giving google data information at least).
sydneyguyAuthor Commented:
hi alexandere there are tools out there there paid ones that will take a site and give a good rich key word index of an indexed site, therms that search sites like, so will have say that i think my question able may not be clear as per your answer.
i need to see what search terms are being found for my site or compeditors site.
there is always something out there will just have to look a bit deaper
All the ones I know of are paid solutions, I'm pretty sure there isn't a free solution as this would be a commercial product - gives a bit of info but not much

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sydneyguyAuthor Commented:
yea thats what im finding dont mind paying but need to know a good one to pay into
any ideas ave read the one from semrush thanks for that
Your question asked for Free

Well SEMRush has the paid option - would be my choice

Alexa have a pro version - more restricted to users using their toolbar.

But remember you are paying for more than just competitor keywords
Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Correct me if I'm wrong but...
I saw one of the websites mentioned here and, as I said, it doesn't get the indexes from Google.
They might have some SEO experts and some nice crawlers to dig out what is expected to be a close result to what the Google crawlers have.

Although this might give you a good piece of information, I have no proof of its reliability towards the real Google data.
sydneyguyAuthor Commented:
thanks gary i have been looking at them and looking at some trial runs of there products
at the end of the day i am trying to find out why my competition ranks so well in google so if i can find this out i can do the same plus more and thus rise above them well this is the starting platform.
Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
So if that's the kind of data you're looking for maybe these can help:

and the list goes on... but I tried these ones and the reports already give you a lot of information.
Comparing the results between your website and the competitors should give you an idea where you need to put more effort.

Of course they all point the problems and few give you solutions and it's here where either you know or you pay :)

Lucas BishopMarketing TechnologistCommented:
There are a variety of tools out there for this, but IMO, the best one for ranking analysis of competitors is Spyfu. Even their free trial will give you a decent amount of info on competitor keywords and rankings. If you need a very comprehensive analysis, the paid plan would be recommended.
mark brownCommented:
woorank is a great tool to check out.
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