Antispam appliance for an Office 365 environment


Lately at the company we have been bombarded by spam emails and because of it I am looking to install a good antispam appliance, the only thing is that my email environment is a little different.

All of our Mailboxes have been migrated to office 365 but our MX record is still pointing to our on-premises Exchange box. By installing the antispam appliance on top of my Exchange in this environment I am sure it will work as expected.

Now, in a few months, we are looking to migrate our MX to have it point to the Office 365 servers. In this situation, the antispam appliance installed in my company will no longer work since SMTP traffic will be hitting the Office 365 servers only.

This is why i am looking for other means to block spams but I have not had luck yet.

I have query Office 365 for a solution but their answer has always been that the only means of blocking spam is by utilizing their content filtering and connection filtering.

Does someone knows about a good solution for my situation?
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Instead of purchasing an appliance box, you could outsource your anti-spam and anti-virus to a provider such as which does a fantastic job.  Also users will receive a quarantine summary and they could add addresses/domains to accept/reject list as well as release emails from quarantine.  They provide both incoming and outgoing spam services as well as the ability to access email during an office 365 outage.
LuiLui77Author Commented:
Hi Mohammed, thank you, it seems to be a great option, let me research on this one.

Any other advises will be greatly appreciated.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
What's wrong with Exchange Online Protection? It's free (included in the price of every license), highly customizable and works great, for me at least.
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Exchange Online does not allow you access to emails during Office 365 outage, it is totally independent of Microsoft infrastructure and provides email continuity.
LuiLui77Author Commented:
Hi Vasil, Exchange Online Protection is not working good for me, for some reason it's letting the spams to get through, it seems like a dumb filter where the only way that you can block spam is by analyzing its header and blocking the source by blacklisting it in the connection filter and this is becoming a little overwhelming for me.
Please correct me if I am wrong, probably my EOP it is not working the way it should work, or I am missing some feature and configurations that will help me with spams
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
You have a lot of options to configure EOP spam detection, including international spam (based on either IP address or language).  In the advanced settings of the content filter you can also configure some very useful settings to further increase the spam score, if needed:

If you want to block messages from specific senders/domains, you can use Exchange transport rules instead. Or just use the blocked/safe senders. And you can always send back messages to Microsoft for additional analysis:

Anyway, the decision is yours at the end :)
LuiLui77Author Commented:
Thanks Vasil for your input as well! I will be diving into all this features too to see if I can control all these spams.

Thank you both Mohammed and Vasil once again for all your help!
LuiLui77Author Commented:
I ended up on implementing a cloud service called APPRIVER, for now, GREAT Customer Service and support! cannot complain at all, Thanks!
Tracy SIT Systems ManagerCommented:
OpenDNS is another option.
I have also use a untangle in conjunction with OpenDNS a few years ago for smaller networks it works great.
We use EOP but I have a few users that have some trouble releasing Quarantine emails, the user received a quarantine email notice but when they clicks on the link to release to inbox it isn't releasing the message, it just opens a new tab in IE but never loads.
I am looking into this now but no answers yet.
LuiLui77Author Commented:
I am now using Appriver which is a cloud anti-spam service, it is working perfectly for me.

Thank you.

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LuiLui77Author Commented:
Ulitimately it was the solution.
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