how do I setup vlans?

I am new to both creating VLANS and the management interface of our new Netgear switches, I am trying to get our new phone system on it's own VLAN separate from our data network. However, switch ports need to be able to access both VLANS as the computer will piggy back off the phone sharing one data port at each desk.
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CorinTackNetwork EngineerCommented:
The document at the following link does a good job of explaining how to set up voice VLANs on Netgear switches. Once this is set up, you just need to make sure that the switch tags traffic on this VLAN for all ports that will use it. That way, only voice devices will show as on that VLAN, and all voice traffic will be marked as part of that VLAN.

Obviously, you will also need to set up the rest of the infrastructure for this (a separate DHCP range for the phones, if that's what you want, for example, etc.)

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OCCUAuthor Commented:
Thank you CorinTack for the link, it works great. Have you worked with the GS752TPS voice vlan, it does not allow you to select a vlan id other than the default that Netgear automatically creates. Do you know of  a way around this?
CorinTackNetwork EngineerCommented:
Unfortunately, no, I haven't worked with that specific model.
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