need to export mailbox from user to another user exchange 2010

Both users exist under the same exchange instance but different domain.

example need to move her mail box to her new account inside a subfolder called legacy email
Jorge OcampoAsked:
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Rajitha ChimmaniCommented:
Assuming that both mailboxes are within same Exchange organization you can try the below command in powershell

Search-Mailbox -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder "Legacy Email"

This target folder is created under a "Recovery" folder created by Exchange to perform this export.
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
is this moving the data over or just a linker instead?
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
the end result the old account will be deleted
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Rajitha ChimmaniCommented:
Its just copying the data. Post export, the items will be there in both mailboxes. If you want the emails to be deleted from source mailbox use -DeleteContent at the end of this command
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
oh great how would i move the dn legacy to the new account
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
also any limitation that you are aware? do you prefer search or export pst?
Rajitha ChimmaniCommented:
Follow the below steps to get the legacyExchange DN and add it to new account

1. Get-Mailbox | Select LegacyExchangeDN.
2. Copy the value from above command and open the new mailbox properties in Exchange Management Console. Goto Email Addresses tab and Click on Add->Custom Address (you need to click on small downward triangle beside Add)
3. Paste the legacy DN copied value from above step and paste in Email Address and give the email type as X500

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Rajitha ChimmaniCommented:
I prefer Search as its single step but it depends on your convenience. Both do the same.
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
Hi Quick Question so thats everything i should right?
Rajitha ChimmaniCommented: might want to check for custom attributes, if any. And definitely the permissions.
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
what do you mean for permissions? also one last question would the target folder have to exist or wold be create automatically otherwise i would have to go with import
Rajitha ChimmaniCommented:
By permissions I meant if any user had permissions on the mailbox. The folder structure will remain the same as source. But a new folder will be created as "Recovered - ..." Under that folder there will be Legacy Mail and under that all Inbox,sent items etc..
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