Outlook 2013 Selecting Text while typing?

This just started happening out of nowhere today...  

I am using Office 2013 Home & Business and when i'm in Outlook composing a email or replying to an email at any random point in the message i will hit a key and the next 20-40 characters will be selected, as if i highlighted them, no matter where i click when this happens it wont fix this issue.  The only way i can seem to fix the issue is to start typing in notepad then cut and paste the rest of my sentence.  Its really strange and  i'm very computer savy.  I opened up Word and just started typing in it and it also acted strange.  Rewind just a bit though... i had Office 365 Home installed when this first started happening.  I uninstalled and purchased Office Home and Business to see if that would fix it.  I've rebooted numerous times, created a new profile in Outlook and still the same issue.  It only does this in Outlook and Word so far... Anyone have any ideas here?  Im also using Windows 7 Ultimate with the latest service packs and updates.
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My initial thought was that you have a dirty keyboard/stuck or sticky key.     It doesn't completely seem so but it couldn't hurt to take a can of air to it.

Other thoughts are maybe run some virus/malware scans and hard drive error checking.
orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
Its not a dirty keyboard or stuck key, if i open notepad it types perfect, if i open a browser, again, types perfect, but when i click in the email it looks like all the text has been selected or at least a portion of it, its almost like a key mapping issue but this is only showing its face in Outlook when composing or replying to emails...very weird... brand new system, no virus's or malware...
i wonder if there are any updates available for it?
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orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
Nope, all office products are up to date.
Could you be using some sort of clipboard utility like PhraseExpress or Ditto?    I've seen these get in the way with other software (i don't have Outlook 2013).
orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
Nopers, no clipboard utility... :/
I apologize for throwing ideas at you, i'm just trying to figure this.

Another idea i just ran across,

Apparently Microsoft added animations to the cursor movement in Office.    i wonder if you're having some sort of hardware issue with it?

Have a look here,

Read through some of the comments and you'll see alternative ways to disable these animations (if you should be interested in trying).

A bit more info,
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
I occasionally get similar when using my laptop. The laptop has a trackpad by the space bar and all I can put it down to is catching the trackpad on occasion and highlighting some text in the process.

I suspect it doesn't happen in Notepad because notepad may not be setup to recognise the smart gestures on the trackpad. Likewise, IE input is probably just a one line input field so no recognition of multiple line selection gestures.

Rob H
orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
Well, i just bought a new Microsoft Keyboard, a ergo one but not the Sculpt model and its working fine, so that makes the 3rd sculpt keyboard i have had problems with!

Thanks everyone!

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orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
Answer that worked.
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