HP v1910 & 2530 switch VLAN configuration.

I have an issue setting up a couple of HP switches (v1910- Layer3 & 2530 Layer2) that should really be quite easy but is not working as I expect.

I have 2 HP switches setup as per the diagram attached.

I am able to ping from the server to both switches on both IP addresses for each subnet, adding the static route to the DHCP server allows this to work for testing, but will be added to the router when working.

What I want to achieve is to plug in a VoIP phone to Switch 2 and have it obtain an ip address from the Voice subnet scope on the DHCP server, and the PC attached to the phone switch obtain an ip address from the Data subnet scope on the same DHCP server.

As it stands connecting a device to a port that is untagged VLAN1, and tagged VLAN2 on SW2 allows it to get a DHCP ip address and talk on the network, manually adding an ip address from the subnet causes the device to not ping either the ip address of the switch on VLAN2 or ping the internet.

Also enabling GVRP on both switches didn't appear to work as the new VLAN information was not passed from SW1 to SW2

I have tried all ways of tagging, un-tagging ports but don't seem to be able to get this to work as I would like.

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I don't understand why you have  different default gateways on those two switches.
If on first switch (HP 1910) default gateway is then for entire VLAN 1 that is gateway.
And what is default gateway for VLAN 2?
There's something wrong with your design.
BigBadJVAuthor Commented:
I have SW2 pointed to SW1 for the default gateway as I haven't programmed the leased line router at this point and am using the L3 switch to do the routing of the VLANs. The default gateway for switch 2 is
OK. Those are default gateway addresses of switches. Forget about my previous comment. I forgot that many HP L3 switches you can route only over VLAN1.

If your PC's and phones are connected to same port, so configuration from looks to me OK for L2.

As much as I know, phones should be set to send tagged packets marked as VLAN 2.
If your PC works fine and phone is not this could be problem.
If you add ip address from VLAN 2range  packets are still not tagged as VLAN 2 packets, and therefore packets are not part of VLAN 2, but part of VLAN 1. Packets that are coming from phone in this design must enter port as tagged .
BigBadJVAuthor Commented:
Update on this issue, I ran out of time and we implemented a different solution, I guess the HP 1910 switches aint up to the job, admittedly, I would have bought Cisco switches rather than the HP ones, but I don't make the buying decisions.

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BigBadJVAuthor Commented:
no answers were given and I resolved it in a different way.
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