Problems with certain jQuery functions in Internet Explorer

I am having problems retrieving values using certain jQuery functions in my code whenever I am using Internet Explorer 9.0 and below as the browser. The .value() and the ToUpper() functions do not seem to work. They work correctly when I use Mozilla and Chrome as the browser. Is there any workaround to this ?
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.value() and the ToUpper() ?
did not saw that in their documentation
Julian HansenCommented:
whenever I am using Internet Explorer 9.0 and below
Why worry about below? IE8 is dead - died with XP - I wouldn't worry about it.
What version of JQuery are you using 1.x or 2.x - if latter have you tried the latest 1.x build?

As leakim points out .value() is not a jQuery function .val() is

There is a toUpperCase javascript function but neither a ToUpper Javascript or Jquery function.
giveindiaAuthor Commented:
We are trying to use the code below to retrieve values from a hidden variable.
var hidtaxben = '<%=hidTaxBenifit_MOP.Value%>';
 var hidmatchbal = '<%=hidMatchContriBalance_MOP.Value%>';
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Julian HansenCommented:
Ok but how does that relate to your original question.

The above code is rendered Javascript which you are populating with values from ASP

This will result in something like
var hidtaxben ='somevalue';
var hidmatchbal =  'someothervalue';

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The above are just declarations - they don't do anything.
As you are rendering out Javascript with ASP - is it not possible that you are mixing up which functions belong to which environment - can you post more of your code and specifically is causing a problem.
The code you have posted should have no issues in any browser - they are just declarations.
giveindiaAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the incomplete post. Here is what we are trying to do.  The code below tries to get the value from the hidden field. For some reason while this code works across all the other browsers it does not work with IE 9.0 and below. Any workaround that we can try ?
var taxBenifitName = document.getElementById("hidTaxBenifit_MOP");
           var taxMachingContributionAmount = document.getElementById("hidMatchContriBalance_MOP");
           var txtCurrency = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencySh_MOP");
           var txtCurrencyAmount = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencyAmountSh_MOP");
Julian HansenCommented:
Again this code does nothing - if you were to put that in an html file and load the file - nothing would happen.

All you are doing is assigning variables - and the manner in which you are doing them is compatible across all browsers.

You need to show us the code is not working - what is it the code is trying to do - how is the error showing itself.

Please post all your code for the page - the above is not helpful.
Julian HansenCommented:
Are you putting that code inside an onload function i.e.
Try the following code in IE9 and below
<!doctype html>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function() {
  var taxBenifitName = document.getElementById("hidTaxBenifit_MOP");
  var taxMachingContributionAmount = document.getElementById("hidMatchContriBalance_MOP");
  var txtCurrency = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencySh_MOP");
  var txtCurrencyAmount = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencyAmountSh_MOP"); 
<style type="text/css">
<div id="hidTaxBenifit_MOP">1</div>
<div id="hidMatchContriBalance_MOP">2</div>
<div id="hdnCurrencySh_MOP">3</div>
<div id="hdnCurrencyAmountSh_MOP">4</div>


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It might be that you are trying to set the variables to elements that have not loaded yet.
Sample here
Tested down to IE8 - works as expected.
giveindiaAuthor Commented:
Attached herewith is a screenshot of the error message. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Julian HansenCommented:
The screen shot does not seem to show anything useful. The one error is an unterminated string constant on line 2817 - but the screen shot only goes up to line 2811
The second error is on line 938 - also not visible in the screenshot

I went to the URL in the screenshot with IE8 - no errors.
However if we look at where the code you posted above occurs and search for the respective id's we find the following

<input name="_ctl0:_ctl0:ContentPlaceHolder1:ContentPlaceHolder1:hidTaxBenifit_MOP" type="hidden" id="ContentPlaceHolder1_ContentPlaceHolder1_hidTaxBenifit_MOP" value="false" />

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i.e. The id you are referring to in the getElementById does not exist in the document - the input id is actually


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And not just


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In ASP.Net you have to ouput the generated ID of a control - not what you cal it.
Try changing the declaration lines to

var taxBenifitName = document.getElementById("<%=CONTROLNAME.ClientId%>");

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Where CONTROLNAME is the name of the control generating the input.

That will ensure that the ID you are referencing in your javascript matches the id rendered out by the control

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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Also this is not jQuery

    var taxBenifitName = document.getElementById("hidTaxBenifit_MOP");
    var taxMachingContributionAmount = document.getElementById("hidMatchContriBalance_MOP");
    var txtCurrency = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencySh_MOP");
    var txtCurrencyAmount = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencyAmountSh_MOP");

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Neither are they returning values. Assuming they are form fields you need

    var taxBenifitName = document.getElementById("hidTaxBenifit_MOP").value;
    var taxMachingContributionAmount = document.getElementById("hidMatchContriBalance_MOP").value;
    var txtCurrency = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencySh_MOP").value;
    var txtCurrencyAmount = document.getElementById("hdnCurrencyAmountSh_MOP").value;

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which in jQuery would be

    var taxBenifitName = $("#hidTaxBenifit_MOP").val();
    var taxMachingContributionAmount = $("#hidMatchContriBalance_MOP").val();
    var txtCurrency = $("#hdnCurrencySh_MOP").val();
    var txtCurrencyAmount = $("#hdnCurrencyAmountSh_MOP").val();

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also assuming that hidTaxBenifit_MOP is an ID and not a NAME
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