Can Not Get Exchange 2010 To Work For Mobile Devices Maybe iis issue??

We have client running server 2012 with exchange 2010 and cannot get the outlook to work on
mobile devices. We have been able to get the regular pop email to work on them however.
Also I might add that none of the exchange pages work locally or externally, as in the OWA pages.
Looks like its a problem with the iis setup but we have gone through the setup over and over and cant find the issue.
As I am not an expert at iis any and all help would be much appreciated!!!
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If OWA doesn't work either, then that would suggest the problem is more significant.
Which version and patch version of Exchange 2010 is it? It should be SP3 with the latest rollup.

Are you able to start the Exchange Management Console? If so, go in to the Client Access section and choose to reset the virtual directories.

Do you have anything else on this server that would interfere with Exchange?

Stating what happens when you try to load OWA would also be helpful.

EDPITMANAGERAuthor Commented:
Its all the latest rollups and it is latest SP. I am able to open EMC using a work around because of an issue in 2012 or so the tech form I used said. I have to use this in the command window then add EMC to MSC every time i want to open it:


set COMPLUS_Version=v2.0.50727


There is not anything but a Law software on this server and doesn't use any services extensions or components that would interfere. This was actually happening before we added this software.

If I use http://servername.domainname.local/owa 
I get a 404 page not found error.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You shouldn't need to use any kind of workarounds to get EMC to start, so it looks like there are more fundamental problems with the server.

If you look in IIS manager, does the virtual directory appear there? Are the bindings correct?
Do you have more than one web site in IIS manager?

Instinct is that IIS has the problem, not Exchange, as EMC connects through IIS as well.

EDPITMANAGERAuthor Commented:
Scroll to bottom of this article to see the reason given for the work around

Yes I figured its with IIS And I Do Not Have Much Experience Configuring IIS.

Just Shows The Default Web Site

I see Virtual Directory For /Certenroll, /Public, /Exchweb, /Exchange, /OAB

As far as bindings, what would be the proper settings for these?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The workaround shouldn't be required as long as Exchange 2010 Sp3 is being used. That is supported for use with Windows 2012 - not R2.
The instructions on that page are awful - as Exchange 2010 service packs are the complete product, so no need to install SP1 first.

Are those the only virtual directories you have listed on the server? If so, that is a major problem because you are missing half of them.

My instinct is that the installation of Exchange on this server is badly broken. You can try removing and then reinstall the client access role, but while you do so Exchange will be completely down.
Otherwise I would suggest that you either hire a consultant of call Microsoft support. The issues with the server are beyond the scope of resolving via a forum, particularly if you aren't experienced in manipulating Exchange and IIS.


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