sonicwall TZ210 block IP Address

I would like to know how to block or blacklist an external ip address for inbound and outbound traffic.  I want to block all traffic for one specific ip address.
schwientekdIT DirectorAsked:
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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
You will need to create an Address Object for the external IP address first (create it as a WAN object):
See here:

Then follow this article to create the rules: IP addresses on the WAN access to the LAN
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Try setting it up in the Network Access Rules:

WAN > LAN - deny everything for the IP address in question then do the same for LAN > WAN
schwientekdIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I can't figure out how to add the ip as a service.  Which protocol type should I select?
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