2002 Chevy Avalanche blower stopped worki

The blower in my 2002 Chevy Avalanche just gave out on me. I'm hoping its a fuse but I've pulled a few with now luck. I have AC and Heat, it just doesn't blow. I will attach a diagram to help. I don't want to take it to a dealer unless I have to.

Where would be the best place to start looking for the problem?
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check the following:
 Under Hood check FRT HVAC
Side Panel HTR AC

if both of these fuses are good, and you say that the A/C is good, your fan might be shot.  if you can get at your fan and have a multi-meter see if there is any voltage going to it.

artismobileAuthor Commented:
I just checked both of those and they look good. I do have a multimeter if I knew where the fan is or where to put the probes I could test it. Do you have any idea where the fan may be?

Thank you
Look for a replacement, it's probably not working until you check the internals of the blower.  Depending where your test lighting it I would start from the switch to the device.  You can try to bypass the switch. It  can also tell you if blower works. Use two wires and jump it.

The blower is inside the passenger compartment.   You will need to remove that kick plate.  Should be a twist in style motor.  Very easy to replace.
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artismobileAuthor Commented:
Easy to replace? Then that's for me! I'll research the cost/part
Yes.   Youtube the video.  I'm sure it'll come up with a live demo.  Blower motor should be about $50 or $60 on eBay.
Also try bumping the duct, fan could be wedged.
artismobileAuthor Commented:
Good info. I will get back to the truck on Friday and try that and report back.
Sounds good.
Stay warm!
artismobileAuthor Commented:
Check that all fuses and wiring also that debris in the fan are not the cause,

If you need a replacement fan, then try:

To replace the fan see this video by youtube.com


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artismobileAuthor Commented:
artismobileAuthor Commented:
Quick responses, everybody is all in!
Thank you for your quick closure.

I am usually last to comment unless I stay up all night due to living in Tokyo, thus I cannot post on questions until morning or later in Tokyo local time.
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