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Hello Experts,

I'm looking for some recommendations on some Wordpress Themes and eCommerce plugins. Client is looking to emulate this site:


Looking for:
- Full width sliders
- Good developer support
- Woocommerce compatibility?
- Under $100

I've worked with Woocommerce the most so I'm more inclined to use this platform. However if you have any other shopping cart recommendations please don't hesitate. Client is looking for a "Request a Quote" type of shopping cart, where there is no payment processing, rather users can select various products, compile a list, and submit this for a quote. There seems to be a couple solutions for this via Woocommerce.

I found this theme, and it seems to fit most of my design criteria, however I'm hesitant to buy off of Envato. Support seems ok.


Any recommendations appreciated.
doug sAsked:
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
First of all, I would not pay for a single theme for what you are describing.  Pretty much any good basic theme will give you enough structure to do what you want to do and customizations should be done via a child theme.  I'm also not sure what you are looking for via developer support....most theme support is limited to upgrading the theme code to remove deprecated functions as WordPress evolves.  There are a few exceptions to this, mostly "application themes" that do something very specific but this doesn't appear to be the case here.  

From your requirements:

- Full width sliders

This is a combination of plugin and theme design.  So all you need is a full-width template.

- Good developer support

Can you elaborate further on this

- Woocommerce compatibility?

Technically every theme is Woo compatible. While there are some specific hooks to do things a little smoother, they are not necessary for life as we know it.

- Under $100

So what do you want to get for the money? Access to a support forum? More "stuff" built into the theme? Preset designs/images/variations?  Updates?  Because technically, all of this is available with TwentyWhatever themes :)

Client is looking for a "Request a Quote"

How many items will there be for this?
doug sAuthor Commented:
I guess to make life simplier, what free full width themes do you recommend?

- Good developer support: just like to have a resource to fall back on should I encounter any issues. (i guess that could be EE?)

- Request a Quote: There are a lot of items, maybe 100+? It's event rental items, so 3-4 different variations of plates, knives, tables, glassware..etc. However I'm guessing average bundle size would range anywhere from 10-30 items?

I've been researching on how to modify woocommerce to do this, however I don't fully understand "using woocommerce override structure" as described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16725425/using-woocommerce-checkout-for-quotes-only

And Jason you're a badass at web so of course you can make TwentyWhenever themes work! hah. I am much slower than you. Thanks for your help.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
I guess to make life simplier, what free full width themes do you recommend?

Pretty much anything you find at wordpress.org/extend/themes that's full-width will work but will require some ability on your part to customize.  But that applies to every theme, including most of the premium ones.  One of the traps I see people fall into a lot is thinking that Premium WordPress Theme = Fully Formed Template Just Like The Demo I Saw On [Envato|ThemeForest|Random Scam Site]  and they get really, really pissed when they buy something, install it, and it looks nothing like what was pitched to them.

Don't be that guy...do the research first.

But there is something to be said for the concept of compatibility and ongoing support/upgrades.  So if you really want to spend money, a) who am I to stop you? And b) you have options.

For compatibility and support of WooCommerce, spend $40 and get a Woo theme.  Because it will work and their support system isn't horrible (actually, it's pretty good).  Start with Canvas, which is their basic all-purpose theme and you can either buy a child for it or make your own:


The issues you are having adapting WooCommerce are sort of outside the scope of the theme questions so I'm going to invoke Expert Privilege and skip it.  You may want to repost that one as its own question or go through the Woo forums looking for people in the same boat as you.

Other options would include purchasing the Genesis framework and a single child theme, perhaps one like this:


That gets you very close to your top budget (Genesis isn't cheap) and this may require more work than you are willing to do to customize (Genesis is a tweaker's dream theme) but they also have good support and a large community publishing "how-to's" for the framework.

Request a Quote: There are a lot of items, maybe 100+?

Okay, too many for what I was considering.  Never mind, move along, nothing to see here.

And Jason you're a badass at web so of course you can make TwentyWhenever themes work! hah. I am much slower than you. Thanks for your help.

Eh, assumes facts not in evidence.  I am the classic jack-of-all-trades, master of none.  I can make TwentyWhatever work but it takes me a long time too.  I'm much faster with Genesis stuff because their hook/filter additions to the basic WordPress core makes those themes easy to build and modify without sacrificing a ton.  But I have spent almost 5 years learning WordPress so I may have a different perspective on theming.

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