how to install win 7 on a HP pavilion 17 e 43 with amd cpu


 I am trying to install win 7 on a H pavilion 17 e 43 ( amd 5150 cpu , readon  graphic) no prob to change booting from UEFI ( disable secure booting , etc) I boot from the win 7 disk ok, but since I want to do a clean install when I get to the HD or storage none are show , apparently I need to install some HP drivers for win 7 so the HD can be discover , but so far no luck  , on  the HP site , there is no choice for this OS only  win 8 or 8.1 .

Any help would be greatly appreciated on first where can I find the correct drivers or if I am going about it the wrong way, what the correct steps

Thank's .

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Here is the procedure suggested by Sevenforums

Do you have enough RAM?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You are correct that you need Windows drivers for storage.  Check BIOS/EFI for a setting to switch the type of disk (AHCI to Legacy or IDE or something like that.  That might work without the need for drivers. However, if not, you'll need to identify the chipset for storage subsystem and get the drivers for them for Windows 7.  There is NO GUARANTEE that they exist.  You may simply be out of luck.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Although it says drivers are missing what's really going on is Windows doesn't understand the format of the partitions that are on the hard drive.  Assuming Windows 7 installer runs but you can't see anywhere to install and you're running the installer from a DVD then you need to use DISKPART to get the drive into a state Win 7 can recognise.

Is your hard drive formatted so that Windows 7 can recognise it?  Do partitions show up but Windows says it can't be installed there? If not look at using DISKPART as described here.

If partitions are visible and Win 7 won't install to them it's because their format isn't recognised.  Highlight and delete each of the partitions until you have unallocated space, then format.

These processes will wipe out the data on your drive so make sure you have a Win 8.x backup plan before continuing.

If you are installing from a USB drive don't forget that the Windows 7 installer doesn't natively support USB 3.0 ports.
Look for a USB port marked as 3.0/2.0 or for a BIOS  "Legacy" USB setting that will allow the Win 7 installer on USB to cope with the newer USB hardware.

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If the drive is not connected to some RAID controller then it should be seen by Windows installation. The only possible problem is that you drive has already partitions on it and you are trying to install Windows over it in UEFI mode. Thius you need to clean up the disk by using Diskpart. In installation wizard go to repair - start command line and in it diskpart.exe. Use clean command against your drive.
the best solution i found is deleting all partitions on the disk
then install W7
hiramlightAuthor Commented:
Hello Masq ,

to all thank you and to Masq thank's for the detailed explanation.
 I follow your steps and did switch  to Legacy  setting, boot with win 7 disk then went into repair , C.P and use DISKPART , with LIST DISK , I got a message that no storage could be detected , so it seem that it is a problem with the HD and this make sens as the laptop sometime hang for a very long time , curiously when left alone let said for the night it boot fairly quickly so HD or maybe MB problem , but I think hardware . I am traveling so I wont be back on E.E until Sunday . if you can think of anything else let me know , if not I will give you the solution as it can help other .


noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The fact that Windows sees no drive could be caused by missing driver as well. When it fails to see in Windows check of the drive is detected in BIOS. Both mb and hdd problem would make it not visible.
alan - any comment on my post?
hiramlightAuthor Commented:
Hello all  and thank you . , as I said I was traveling so my apologies for coming back so late .

The problem was hardware , this certainly one of the reason as to why who couldn't detect the HD . With the help of HP support we tried their to reinitialize the laptop with a new  win 8 setup and was getting also errors . So since this laptop was still under warranty we had to send it back to HP .  I will give the point to as previously stated to Masq , as his comment to use DISKPART  and message " no storage could be detected" told me even before we call HP that something was wrong with this laptop and that it wasn't software related but more likely hardware and I would l recommend this route to anyone who want to do the same . installing win 7 instead of win 8 shouldn't be too complicated, I did it on my working laptop and it was a fairly easy proposition .

so to all thank you and to Mask thank's I think your solution should fit most cases .


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