ASP.NET page not working in Internet Explorer 10

I have an site that works just fine in Firefox and Chrome, but when I attempt to login and use the same site using Internet Explorer 10, I have problems....BIG problems.  The problems can be described as the following:

The following Steps Were Used to Test From Internet Explorer
1. I go to the landing page and all the menus, images and links were fine
2. I go to the login screen and all of the text boxes, menus, images and links were just fine
3. I login to the site with an account that I am using to test the site
4. After I login to the site, all of the CSS and HTML is displayed, but nothing works.  It reacts like an image, not a web page.  It's visible to the naked eye and displays fine, but nothing is clickable, nothing is functional.

If I were to login from FireFox and Chrome, everything works just fine.

Something that I would like to point out is that I have a certificate issue, so I was thinking that could be the reason why it is not responding to any actions when I login with Internet Explorer.  What do you guys think?
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Julian HansenCommented:
One problem might there is some sort of overlay over the page that is obscuring the code behind it.

Are you displaying a popup or similar on the page - might be a javascript function that is failing to remove the overlay which is transparent and preventing clicks from reaching the elements behind.

I can't remember with IE10 do you have the Inspect Element option to see what the element is that is covering the page?

I assume there is no link you can provide to this page?
VBBRettAuthor Commented:
Yes, there is an overlay that pops up when you press one of the image buttons but it's not there upon page load.
Julian HansenCommented:
Well without having access to the page or answers to the other questions posed not sure how we can help you.
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Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
As requested by JulianH, please post a sample page if you can not provide full page.
In IE, you can use developer tools (Press F12) when you are on the page to examine if all CSS/JS and HTML is being rendered as you expected.
VBBRettAuthor Commented:
Hello everyone, I will post a sample of the code in a few hours.  If I am able to, I will be able to post a live copy of the development site.  Thanks!
Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
Also, be aware that there is an issue with supporting IE10 and IE11 due to bug in the browser definition files for .NET 2.0/4.0 as described here.
Note: This should be patched by now fi you use/have the latest version of  .NET 4.5, it is only a problem for old servers.

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