Cisco 5505 ASA Site to Site VPN question

Hi All...

I am preparing to configure a Site to Site VPN from our head office to a new remote location in the very near future. I am fretting about how our network is configured and if I'll run into problems.

Our Network it set up more or less as follows:

<-- (LAN) (Linksys RVS4000 set to "Gateway") ---> <--- ASA 5505) ---Outside IP--->

When I set up the VPN, I need our remote location to be able to access the network. Do I need to do any fancy configurations to get the Tunnel to cross the 192.168 network?
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Alan Huseyin KayahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
RVS4000 in Gateway mode with IP ACLs limiting traffic from the network to the network

Make sure you put an permit ACE in RVS400 allowing traffic sourced from the local network of Beli networks destined to

Second, make sure that RVS4000 is not doing any type of NAT between and

Finally make sure that the local side of the interesting traffic ACL in ASA is and not

Doublecheck if RSV4000 has either a default route or manual route regarding Beli Networks' local subnet to Also ASA has a route to for

As an advice, in case you need to go for restructuring your network, never use the factory default subnets of many vendors such as or It would cause you headaches if by any chance the remote end of the VPN is using the same subnet.
TORLYSITAuthor Commented:
Adding a simplistic vis. drawing of the network I'm speaking ofNetwork diagram
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
I'm sort of confused here...

Are are Linksys gateway and Cisco ASA separated across the internet? (I assume so by your saying a new remote site). But your diagram is confusing to me.

Just curious.. why do you have a Cisco RVS at then going to the ASA at I'm not quite sure what your WAN segment is accomplishing year. I often see a l3 switch or a router with a /30 between itself and the firewall for security reasons but unsure on your setup.

But.. a standard site to site vpn shouldn't be an issue regardless.
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TORLYSITAuthor Commented:
The ASA and the RVS4000 are at the same site (This was built before I was hired to admin it.)

Instead of creating a Port based DMZ, one of my predecessors installed an RVS4000 in Gateway mode with IP ACLs limiting traffic from the network to the network (All local traffic) sitting behind a Cisco ASA 5505 that terminates at our ISP Router.

I'm currently working on an initiative to find out if I can untangle it without impact but have to set up the new site in a short bit. Hence my question about site to site in our current environment.
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
There shouldn't be an issue setting up the site to site even in the current setup.
TORLYSITAuthor Commented:
Thank you MrHusky.

The subnets were definitely not my choice as I inherited the whole thing when I started here.

Thanks for all the information!
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
You are welcome!
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