SCCM 2012 - Deployment Status - Extract list of machines that has specific program or application installed,

Hi Experts,
New to SCCM 2012, having issues getting my head around the reporting in SCCM 2012, I need to report back on where a specific application has been successfully installed, there is not reference in ADD/Remove programs to both these applications/programs,
Using the build in default reports in SCCM2k12, where and how will I achieve this?
Craig PaulsenSenior Systems EngineerAsked:
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Hi Craig

Are you looking a specific .exe file. Is there a reason why its not in Add/ remove programs ?
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Has this program been deployed using SCCM 2012 ?
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Here is a list of reports available from SCCM 2012

I believe you need  28. Site – Client Information

default url is http://servername/reports
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Craig PaulsenSenior Systems EngineerAuthor Commented:
thanks for you response 1stITMAN, I've seen this link ""
background to the programs, the one is an update to an existing application, so was really just an MSP file we pushed to around 40 odd machines using SCCM, so need to establish if these installed correctly,
the second program was a was in essence a folder we pushed to around 60 machines, again using SCCM, inside the folder there was a PS1 script that runs a command, nothing really installs, if that makes sense,
We need to know that this folder was placed on target machines successfully using SCCM reporting?
George SimosIT Pro Consultant - IT Systems AdministratorCommented:

Lets see the problems one by one, the first requirement you have is not approacheable through an easy built-in way of SCCM 2012, but a way to work this around is to compare the application's version numbers, does the MSP changes the version number (I guess it would but you haven't stated its origin -if it is internally developed or from another vendor-).
In order for this to work you need to enable Software Inventory and in file scanning enable the *.exe extension files to be gathered.
After deploying the policy to the clients and waiting until the first software inventory cycle (you may trigger it with third party tools or if you have SCCM 2012 R2 through the notification channel).
When data will populate the database you may run a report and get the versions of the software for all the machines, after that you may filter out the version you updated to and have your list!

The same also applies for the second requirement, in the file scanning you will the add the *.ps1 extension and update the deploy the policy to your clients.

I hope these will help you achieve your goal.
Craig PaulsenSenior Systems EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you for your response George Simos, and apologies for only responding now
the MSP changes the version no# from memory, this is an external developed application
Enabling software inventory could prove cumbersome, this client is runs Symantec AV on it's end points/clients.
Will enabling this policy have any performance impact on the client, IE: slow down their machines,
Not really that clued up with SCCM 2012, but your suggestion sounds plausible, albeit it difficult to implement given all the red tape we will have to go through to get this signed off, was hoping for a simpler way,
George SimosIT Pro Consultant - IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
Hi Craigleenz,

Software inventory is usually a demanding process when run for the first time, the next time it runs collects only delta Information.
However you can constrain the scope of inventorying only to the path you are interested in collecting Information.
For example if you know the path of the application that was updated via the MSP file you can add an inventory file type rule with these criteria:
Filename: *.exe
Path > Variable Path or path name > your-application-path-here
Search Subfolders (it is up to you if you want to do this)
Unchecked: Exclude encrypted and compressed files
Unchecked: Exclude files in Windows folder

You can do the same for the *.ps1 extension (you may need to search in subfolders though).

You may want to create new client settings for the above and deploy them to a specific collection and wait for the results, I would recommend creating a collection with a small number of clients (5 for example) in order to check the effects (I'm pretty sure that you will not have issues because the search scope is specific and not a wide one).
Also in order to get faster results you may need to change the Software inventory Schedule in the custom client settings to 1 day. After that we can check the Reports to answer your questions.

P.S. When finished with your test you may remove the deployment of the custom client settings if you feel uncomfortable.

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Craig PaulsenSenior Systems EngineerAuthor Commented:
thanks George,
George SimosIT Pro Consultant - IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
Hi Craigleenz,

Thank you for accepting my answer, have you managed though to get the information you were seeking?
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