create video overlay for sports training

hey guys, i would like to create a video overlay for sports videos that keep track of scores and also shows checkboxes i can tick as the sports person passes certain gates.

what programme should i use? Motion? Photoshop? what do the professional TV broadcasters use? thanks so much guys!!
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Photoshop is just for images. I think you mean Adobe premiere, which you can combine with affter effects, which is a software for doing chroma-keys and things like this.
This is suposed to be the one for professional videos, but it's expensive.
There are some other more amateur software like Ulead MediaStudio Pro which also allows you to create overlays on images.

Hope it helps.
developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
i see thanks so much gplana! can i use Apple's Motion to do this? thanks!!
I'm sorry, I haven't used Apple Motion, but I think is a very simple software. I'm not sure if it is possible to do it with this software. Just look for an overlay or chroma-key feature in the menues.
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My 2 cents, the part that sounds a bit software/programmable like for live video  if a Live web cam or for internet is what you say here  developingprogrammer > " also shows check boxes I can tick as the sports person passes certain gates."
The stuff you see on TV for live feeds runs through software like EVS
Logo & Score insert: The system can be used to manage the insert of virtual logo and scores integrated on the playing field during live broadcast operations.
May assist you
How to Create Overlays for Twitch TV Tutorial (OBS Overlays for Streaming) OBS stands for Open Broadcasting Software

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developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
whao guys, thanks so much for your help! i really appreciate it!

Merete - i did come across OBS whilst googling but i've yet to learn it. i'm working my way through Photoshop to create the borders - there is so so so so so much to learn in Photoshop but i think it's the key foundation to doing video editing - just like how still photography is the foundation of motion photography = )

thanks once again guys - much appreciated!!
 Indeed there is quite a learning task involved but with so much information available on the net these days and you know what to look for, you can literally give yourself a degree in anything.
Photoshop Training Channel on YTB
Photoshop: Effects Youtube
 Glad I could help you a little and all the best with it.
developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
yup agree Merete - i use learnt so much programming from it, photography (>100hrs of courses i've taken), photoshop (now clocked >30 hours but gotta hit 100 hrs too) and videos, motion graphics etc.

lots and lots of stuff to digest ha. thanks for being there Merete, it's always reassuring that when we're lost, we can come to EE and you've got our backs! = ))
Awe that's nice, yup if you if you get stuck we'll help you.
I'm glad I didn't mention as that is the crown of tutorials .
developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
= ))
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