Best way to connect 2 switches and NAS to router

I have been given the job of reworking our network.  We have about 40 devices that will need to be connected.  I have a programming background but no training in networking unfortunately.  We have Comcast business class cable modem service which I plan connecting to a new Sonicwall TZ215 firewall/router/wireless.  To this router I need to connect 2 24-port Cisco SG102-24-NA smart Gigabit switches and a Synology DS213+ NAS.  I need to have all devices on the same network.  What would be the best/correct way to cable these together to accomplish what I need?  All 40 of our devices will then connect to the two switches named above.  Also we do have a mix of PC's and Macs if that factors into this.  And we will be using the wireless network for our mobile devices.  Thank you
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The way this would generally be setup is as such:Capture.JPGWhere the NAS device would plug directly into *one* of the two switches.

I believe the sonicwall does allow for you to configure it's ports as you see fit so you could potentially configure your network as such:Capture.JPG

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mjchevalierAuthor Commented:
Thanks Saige, one question though. How is the NAS connected?  You show dashed lines to both of the switches?  Do you mean that I could connect it to either switch?
Yes, you could connect it to either switch.

Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Did not look up the switches, but if there are "uplink" ports use those to connect them and to the server.  Uplink ports are typically 10 Gb on a 1 Gb switch and will avoid bottlenecks if two users try to access the network at the same time.  You could also connect the router to an uplink port, but the speeds of the internet are so slow by comparison it would not really make much difference.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Are you using 2 IP addresses for you NAS?

Are the switches Stackable?
Does your NAS support NIC teaming?

Recommended option if your goal for connecting the NAS to 2 switches is for redundancy
If yes to Q2 and Q3, then, 4
- configure NIC teaming on the NAS and assign an IP address to the bundle. eg NIC1 + NIC2 = NIC3. assign IP address to NIC3
- stack the 2 switches together and configure an etherchanel between the 2 ports on the switches. eg NIC1 connects to FA0/1 on SWA, NIC2 connects to FA0/1 on SWB. Configure etherchannel between Fa0/1(SWA) + Fa0/1(SWB) (Only possible if stacked)

This setup will give you :
- Higher bandwidth
- Failover if 1 switch fails or if 1 NIC on NAS fails
- Simplifies route path to NAS
- Eliminates route loop tendencies
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