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I have a SQL Database that is back end to a program we use for accounting and business mgt.  Inside the program, we can write multiple alerts based on query's of the data stored in SQL.  The current query i have written displays an alert when someone has a birthday.

set transaction isolation level read uncommitted
AlertMessage = 'Happy Birthday '+firstname+' '+lastname+' !!'
FROM dbo.Employees

I would like to modify it so that it shows the alert 30 days before the birthday is going to happen.
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AlertMessage = ' 30 days before you wish Happy Birthday '+firstname+' '+lastname+' !!'
FROM dbo.Employees
WHERE DATEPART(d, birthdate) <= DATEPART(d, GETDATE() - 30)
AND DATEPART(m, birthdate) = DATEPART(m, GETDATE() )

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thirdrockitAuthor Commented:
after running it, it shows 2 people who had a birthday yesterday 10/9.  If there birthday has already passed, should the alert still run?
thirdrockitAuthor Commented:
In other words, it needs to alert for 30 days and then on the day, don't alert anymore.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
As usual with birthdays, leap birth days are a pita.  Not sure how this code handles those.

For exactly 30 days ago only:

    birthdate = DATEADD(DAY, +30, DATEADD(YEAR, -(YEAR(GETDATE()) - YEAR(birthdate)), CAST(GETDATE() AS date))) AND
    GETDATE() < DATEADD(DAY, 1, DATEADD(YEAR, YEAR(@current_date) - YEAR(birthdate), CAST(birthdate AS date)))

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thirdrockitAuthor Commented:
I declared @current_date as integer.  The query ran with no errors but it doesn't give me any results.
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