Corrupt fonts on Mac System Dialog Boxes

I've got a client with a new MacBook Pro who is having issues with system dialog boxes and corrupt fonts.  Text on system dialog boxes show up as empty boxes (see attached image for example.)  

Here's everything we've tried:
Validated all fonts in FontBook
Cleared all font caches with Onyx
Cleared all font caches with FontNuke
Changed system and application default fonts with TinkerTool
Verified/repaired disk permissions
Verified boot disk

Does anyone have other suggestions?

Thank you.
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Have you checked the language and region settings in the system preferences to make sure they are set to English?
Do they all show up as A's in boxes as per your screen shot?
Also, did you try clearing the PRAM?

Do a cold boot holding down the command-option-p-r key combination until you hear the boot chime a third time.
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You could also type

sudo atsutil databases -remove

in terminal to remove font caches.
jtgerdesAuthor Commented:

I tried switching the language to another language and rebooting, but the system dialog boxes still show up as those boxes.

I tried running that command in Terminal and rebooting, but I get the same thing.

I tried resetting the PRAM, but I get the same thing.

Any other thoughts?

Does this happen on all system dialogue boxes? What about menus?
Is the MacBook running Mavericks? Does it have all the updates?
You probably have to replace the Lucinda Grande font.

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jtgerdesAuthor Commented:
It happens on any system dialog boxes that asks for admin-level permissions to install a program, change a system preference, etc.   Other dialog boxes - like the shutdown, restart, etc. - are fine.  Menus are fine.  The user's account is an admin account; there aren't other user accounts on the system.

It is running the latest version of Mavericks with all updates installed.

I will try investigating the Lucida Grande font specifically and post back with results.
jtgerdesAuthor Commented:
I removed LucidaGrande.ttc from both ~/Library/Fonts/ and /System/Library/Fonts/ and copied a working copy of Lucida Grande from another MacBook Pro into /System/Library/Fonts/.  I cleared the font cache and rebooted, and all the dialog boxes seemed fine so far.

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