5 ax150sc san hard drive shwoing faulted at the same time


I have a ax150sc san. we had a power outage and the san went down.  When I booted it back up its showing 6 of the 8 hard drive as faulted offline.  I didnt switch any hard drives or take it out or anything.  I rebooted multiple times with no luck.
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Do you have a single ax150sc ?
If you are a little lucky, only the hardware of the ax150 got jammed and the 6 harddisk might be OK.
Also maybe you have 1 hotspare disk to test if the 6 bays that shows problem would show ok with this new disk or not ?
Good Luck

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iamaidiotAuthor Commented:
I did try the spare and it picked up did transition shows normal with orange light and blue flashing all vd diaka r still in fault
Sorry but i dont understand the end of your post.
Does this good spare shows as normal or faulty when inserted to replace a "supposed bad " disk  ?
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iamaidiotAuthor Commented:
Shows normal, thank you for your help
iamaidiotAuthor Commented:
Hey Stampel,

Just an update, I just used my backup to bring up the our data.  So the san is not as critical right now.  I destroyed the virtual disks and the disk pool. Rebooted the system.  I only see three good drives everything else is showing empty.  So I think its maybe was the hard drives, I am getting cache memory card faulted.  I am not sure if the cache memory card went bad or if there is a way to reset the cache memory card.
Yes, it looks like it you had faulty drivers. Are they SAS or SATA drives ?
Dont you have any possibility to plug those "presumed faulty drives" in another server / disk enclosure just for testing them ?

Also maybe you can check if you are using latest firmware versions ?
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