question on online storage.

in general, have online storage been safe from loss? (do they have reliable storage that they will never lose our files totally)?

what is the incentive for some provide to offer free storage to webusers?
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i suppose they have very regular backups
as for free storage, it's usually to promote something -  so sponsors are paying
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Apple's iCloud is where all the pictures of naked movie stars were stolen from.
Depends which cloud platform you use. The biggest incentive to use cloud is you dont have to upgrade any onsite storage on your Netapp or Servers/workstations when space is running out, on top of that you have running and maintenance costs so the cloud is becoming more and more popular each day. I use Google Drive and sometimes Onedrive as they are very secure platforms. At work our backups are stored on the cloud and some of our machines have been migrated to vCloud as a test.
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Dave - that is not loss of data -  people will complain about others hacking the data

i still consider my own pc at home the best and safest storage !!!
That's why I use Android and Google Drive :):)
google drive is just as vulnerable....
Never been hacked like iCloud though has it :)
that does not mean anything imo...
if you give your data out of your hands - it's beyond your control
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I agree with you, @nobus.  I never save data to outside sources, I always backup to one of my own hard drives.  Every computer that I do 'work' (as opposed to experiments and play) on has a second drive to do backups to.  And I never give away hard drives that have my data on them.  I have every hard drive I have ever had since about 1990, more than 50 of them.
you seem even more cautious than i am - lol
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I figure if it never leaves my possession, I got nothing to worry about.  There was a 60 Minutes episode where they tracked discarded hard drives and many of them made their way to China even when they were supposed to be destroyed here in the US.  That convinced me that keeping them myself was the better way.
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
All the other paranoid nonsense aside, you should read the terms and conditions of cloud storage and find out how they protect their data. Some providers are simple a "backup" solution. One thought on backup is that is unlikely that both your original data and the backup will fail at the same time, so little to no backup of backup data is assured.

Other systems are archive systems, and assume that you may not keep a local copy. Most of these have backup, or offer a backup option.

It will take a bit of reading, but yes, there are safe (ok, safer) cloud storage systems that will protect your data.

Also make sure that any cloud storage encrypts your data BEFORE it is sent to the cloud. That means that your machine does the encryption/decryption which helps make the data on the site more safe, since the keys for the encryption are not stored with the data.

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