Outlook 2013 Address books (contact folders) Missing.

Hi there, I have a customer who has office 365 with outlook.

They had 4 email accounts. 1 exchange, 2 pop and 1 imap.

In the contacts list, there are 2 folders showing - one for one of the pop accounts and 1 for the exchange account.

The customer wants to have an address book (contacts folder) for each account. I have tried adding a new PSt file just to see of that shows another contacts folder as would have happened in outlook 2010 but nothing showed.

Any Ideas?
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Clark KentConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Follow given path and add the Outlook Address Book Service for the remaining account:

File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings >> Address Books

If it is already configured, then mark your contacts folder as an Outlook Address Book. Otherwise,  add the new one.

Take more help from the given source:  http://www.howto-outlook.com/faq/contactsinaddressbook.htm

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Clark Kent
MXDEWDAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kent - this is what I needed to know.
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