single mode fiber patch cable

I know that for the multimode fiber, I can have many choices for the fiber patch cable, like OM1, OM2, etc... But I am not sure about the single mode fiber patch cable. I see on my fiber termination panel, ther is a single fiber with ST connection type. Any idea what single mode fiber patch cable I need? Thanks
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The correct cable is a function of the SFPs / GBICs you are using and the distance.  Contact the  vendor to see what you need given whatever make/model of SFP (or GBICs) you have.
Aaron StreetTechnical Infrastructure Architecture and Global Network ManagerCommented:

Sure the ST/SC/LC is the type of connections at the end of the fibre , see these links to pictures.

LC  and SC connectors (LC is small)

ST - LC -

so you need to know which you need at each end (and there are others but these three are most common)

other wise for almost all fibre installs it is 9/125nm fibre and that all you need to ask for. general yellow jacket is standard.

So unless you know different single mode 9/125nm with which ever connectors you require.

Let me know if you need any more help.

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Aaron StreetTechnical Infrastructure Architecture and Global Network ManagerCommented:
SFP - modules which are found in most access layer switches are LC connectors

SC is used in some modular switches but less and less.

SC and ST where very common in structured cabling and patch panels but again now LC is starting to become more common.

At a guess I would say ST-LC is what you are after.

Cisco Switch with a SFP inserted that takes LC connector

Comparison of SFP and GBIC modules for switches. Small takes LC large takes SC.

Also make sure you have the correct GBIC's / SFP for the switches at each end to. While you can use single mode modules (1310nm wavelength) over a multi-mode fibre (reduced distance), you can't use multi-mode (850nm weave length) on a single mode fibre.
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leblancAccountingAuthor Commented:
I have the SFP transceiver for my Cisco switch, GLC-LH-SMD=. I also know that I need a single mode ST-LC fiber patch cable. But I just want to make sure that I get the correct one. The one I saw is a SM 9/125 OS2, duplex, upc, 1.8mm OFNR at Will this work?

PS. BTW, I cannot get on hold of my vendor, that is why I ask the experts.

Aaron StreetTechnical Infrastructure Architecture and Global Network ManagerCommented:
Yes sounds fine :) its the core diameter that is important.

so you can use either OS1 or OS2 with OS2 the newer standard.
Aaron StreetTechnical Infrastructure Architecture and Global Network ManagerCommented:
OH, if you know our structured cabling is OS1 then you would go for that, they will work together but standard practice would say if you can always match exactly.

Bit like using a CAT5E patch lead at the end of a CAT6 outlet. yes it will work and if you are only wanting to run 1G to a desk top it will be fine. But if you want to run 10G you might have issues. As I assume you are well with in limits of a OS1 cable then I should not worry to much :)
leblancAccountingAuthor Commented:
So if I plan to run 10gbps in the future, I will run into issue with OS1. Correct?
Aaron StreetTechnical Infrastructure Architecture and Global Network ManagerCommented:
no no no sorry for not explaining better.

If you have OS1 cabling behind the patch panel, and you use OS2 patch leads, or you have OS2 installed and you use OS1 patch leads, you will always be limited to the lowest specification. So it is recommended to stay the same through out.

In your case go with OS2 and you can't go wrong. :)
Craig BeckCommented:
Sorry guys, but OS2 is not a catch-all.  If you mix you will not ensure it works by just going with OS2.  This is especially true for longer runs.

Check what type of single-mode fiber you have and make sure you use the same type from end to end to ensure compatibility.
Why would you risk reducing fibre qyality by adding extra unneeded connection. Just connect fibre directly into the switch using correct SFP module
leblancAccountingAuthor Commented:

So you are saying that if my provider's single mode fiber is OS1 and I have a fiber patch cable OS2, it will not work. Correct?
If you attach metalic cable as opposed to glass fiber, i am pretty shure light will not get through at all.
Craig BeckCommented:
It 'may' work, but not optimally and the longer the run, the less chance of the link being stable.
Aaron StreetTechnical Infrastructure Architecture and Global Network ManagerCommented:
Yes as Craig said it will work but is not optimal.

To take it to the extreme you can patch 50/125 multi mode fibre to 62.5 /125 multmode and over short distance it will work. But its not supported and will not work over the full specification length of 300meters or so.

Using OS2 patch leads on the end of a short run (few hundred metres) will work fine.

But as we have both said if you can see the is number on the fibre running in to the back of the patch panel then use the same. If you can't see it use os2. Unless you are running long distance or continues high band with in which case get it matched correctly.

And what ever you get look at the interface counters for errors. Because from experince of hundrad of patches damaged fibre and dirty are lijley to give more issues than miss marched os1/2 fibre in 90% of cases.
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