EIGRP default Route design


I have a Network setup like this

       MPLS Router
         /             \
      R1               R2
        |                 |
 Core-Sw1 --- Core-Sw2
              LAn devices

Topology details :

1. There is no Uplink between R1 and r2
2. Router R1 and Router R2 connected to same MPLS service provider
3. Ri is downlink with Core-Sw1 ans R2 is downlink with Core-Sw2
4. LAN is connected to Core-Sws
5.There is a Uplink between Core-Sw1 and Core-Sw2

Routing details :
1.EIGRP is running between Core-1 and R1 and Core-2 and R2

Requirement :

1.LAN traffic should pass through Core-1---> R1

                    If any failures then
2. Traffic should pass over Core-Sw2 ---> R2

Note :
Pls rememeber that EIGRP is not passing and any static Routes are not allowed and REDISTRIBUTION not allowed

Traffic should not pass Core-1 ---core2

No link between R1 and R2

Configuration has to be done by Enterprise and no Service provider configuration not allowed

My queries :

1. How Default LAN traffic passes from Core-1 --R1 by not distributing over core1 - core2 (Link exists between Core-1 and Core2)

2.How,  reverse traffic will pass from service provider  Router to R1 no service provider configuration , has to be done by us only)

3. How EIGRP pass default Traffic from Core-1 to R1 and not from Core-2  ro R2 till path-1 works fine.

4.What configration needed for Redundancy?

Pls provide a Solution as i need to submit today itself
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What kind of switches are they? The configuration might be a little different with NX-OS. You might want to try HSRP though.

Example configuration:
SWITCH 1 (Active Router)
interface g0/0
ip add
standby 1
standby 1 preempt
standby 1 priority 200

SWITCH 2 (Standby Router)
interface g0/0
ip add
standby 1
standby 1 preempt

Then use as default gateway.

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The information you provided is not enough to determine how to deal with inbound traffic from the MPLS router to R1 and R2. Even if you can't change the SP equipment configuration, you have to know what it is and what is expected from you by them. What routing protocol, if any, is running between the MPLS router and your equipment?

Or is that assumed to be working correctly already and you are just trying to deal with the LAN part?

Is this for a class? It sounds like it. There are EE rules about giving you answers for classwork, but we can make suggestions about things to research.
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