#VALUE Errors in Excel List Object

Hi there,

I have a strange behaviour in Excel. I am using a list object with formulas that are referencing columns inside the list and columns in another list. Every reference is absolute or based on the column names.

Until a specific row of the list object everything is ok, but in the next line I suddenly get #VALUE errors. I double checked all cell values. Everything is the same as in the row that is ok.
When deleting a row above the row with the error - the row with the error is ok now...strange...

Any idea, why this happens? Are there any limits? I am using Excel 2013.

screenshot with error and non-error rows
Formula in Column "Bestellsumme" in error AND non-error rows is:


Open in new window

"tabObligo" is another listobject in another sheet.

Many thanks and best regards

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Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
can you upload the dummy file?
MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
I would check the value of the items in that other sheet, make sure that the cels are formatted for the right data type?
maxworxAuthor Commented:
Wow, you are fast....thanks!!

I got it now...There was one wrong closing bracket in the last part of the formula:

"*(tabObligo[Jahr]=[@Jahr])" should have been part of the SUMPRODUCT, but it was not...

But still wondering, why it worked in the rows above...



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maxworxAuthor Commented:
Found the error on my own
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