How to replace a failing disk in a Dell PERC H700 RAID 10 Array

Im using a DELL r710 server with a PERC H700 RAID card set in a RAID 10 configuration.

It has 4 disks 0,1,2,3.

The server is running, and I can access OpenManage Server administrator on it.

Server Administrator showss Physical disk 3 has a warning (non-critical) and the disk is flashing amber at the front of the server.

When I look at the options for the drive under the  "Physical Disks on Controller PERC H700 Integrated screen" I get an "Offline" option.

I have a spare compatible Disk (Dell, same size, speed etc)

Can I just take the failing drive out and put the new one in or is there a procedure that has to be followed?

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Hello, yes, on this type of machine disks are usually hotplug.
With RAID10 you can simply unplug the disk and put the new one, it will rebuild automatically.
Of course if you are unsure with hotplug you can switch off the server, replace the disk and switch back on.

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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
That R710 will indeed do hot plug. Just remove and replace.
R710 of course does hotplug , but the drive may or may not do hot plug :)
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jmsjmsAuthor Commented:
The drives were sold as hot plug.

I just wasn't sure wether there was a procedure or just a swap i needed.

Is there any benefit in just plugging in the new drive with the old one still in there?
No , there is no benefit to do that.
You can proceed with disk exchange.
After that you can still plug the "supposed bad" drive to another slot and see if you can initialize/test it maybe ?
jmsjmsAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all.  I have awarded points to first response as it had the answer.  I hope this is OK.  Please let me know if I'm not following the correct way of awarding points.
Yeah it's okay thanx,
so many times people come and just add a useless comment to share the points and they would get 50/50 when the all "work" was already done. I hate it :) ^^
Have a nice day and a happy rebuild !
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Then there are those not interested in the points who just come on to correct misinformation.

Never power down to replace a hot-swappable drive.
Drives accessible from the front of the machine are always hot-swappable (SAS and SATA are by spec).
Predictive Failure drives should be forced offline before removal.
jmsjmsAuthor Commented:
HI PowerEdgeTech,

Thanks for the info. MUCH appreciated.

I just swapped the drive out and it seems to have worked OK.

Should I have set the Drive marked as predicitve Failure as Offline via Dell Open Manage Server?

Whats the reason why?

Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
And then there are those that are purely in it for the points and rude if they feel challenged!
There is no need for any comments about who posts what on EE. We are here to help people out, not fight over points, maybe you should keep to the topic of the thread in future.

Glad your rebuild seems to have gone ok.
jmsjmsAuthor Commented:
Both - Glad there are people of your expertise on this site.  It makes it a great resouce and I am grateful to both of you for your help.
@jmsjms : I am glad it's working.
Did you try to diag/init the "presumed faulty" drive ?

@PowerEdgeTech : Drives accessible from the front of the machine ARE NOT always hot-swappable
he could have bought his server and placed whatever not swapable SATA disk in the bays. How could you know without asking jmsjms ? But you are mostly right they are hot swap in MOST cases. Sorry, but i prefer asking.

@Neilsr : please note that i was replying to jmsjms,
If you feel concerned its up to you, but I am not here to start a fight, sorry if you get this wrong.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Yes, they are. If not, then they are not Dell - he has a Dell, if they are externally accessible, they are hot-swappable by the backplane and controller. SAS and SATA drives are hot-swappable by spec, so even if he bought his own drives, they are hot-swappable.

You also cannot initialize individual disks on the PERC 4/5/6/7/8. VD/LD's are initialized, not physical drives/disks.

PF disks should be forced offline before removal, so that the PF flag is not applied to the replacement, which would then require a reboot of the machine to clear it, or even failing and rebuilding the disk again (in specific cases). If your disk is showing healthy, great ... consider it a "best practice".
jmsjmsAuthor Commented:
OK thanks PowerEdgeTech.

I will force them offline if (when..) this happens again.

I didnt realise all SAS/SATA were Hot-swappable (assuming the server HW supports it).  I thought it was an option.  Learnt another thing today.

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