Need windows server 2008 mcsa training online or cbt

I have an older Microsoft MCSE certification and now I need to upgrade it to the MCSA for Windows Server 2008.  My company will NOT pay for in-class training so I'll need either online or CBT based training.  Can someone recommend a HIGHLY rated program that I can take .. prefer something with an exam pass guarantee if possible .. also prefer low cost since I'll be paying for it myself!

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When you mean by program you mean training, onsite or E-Learning?

This also depends on your location.

I always find CBT Nuggets the best in E-Learning terms

Some good test questions are available here:

The best onsite training from where i'm based is QA.
ComputerPros-gaAuthor Commented:
I need CBT training either online or E-Learning since I cannot afford to take time off work plus the very expensive rates for IT Training.  I'm a single guy with limited income.  I live in the Atlanta, GA area.

What is QA?

Definitely recommend CBT Nuggets Video Courses and i believe they even provide test exams with their courses!!

QA is a training company in England who provide onsite and E-Learning courses.

If I were you I would look into CBT :)
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ComputerPros-gaAuthor Commented:
CBT Nuggest is NOT free anymore either .. I'm looking for an online learning site that gives an exam pass guarantee.  
I'm also in the USA so QA will not do me any good in England.

Any other suggestions?

Does anyone have a CBT training program on DVD they are willing to sell to me?

Thanks again,
They have online training partnered with exam questions.

I'm going to give you my honest professional opinion on the exam guarantee, you won't get one from a legit company unless you buy brain dumps and cheat which isn't what IT is about these days. Trust me pal CBT nuggets are the place to go not only to pass the exam but to learn the key concepts to help you progress in your career.
ComputerPros-gaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips on CBT nuggets.  Does anyone know how to get access to this site with any discounted rates?  I'm single and paying for this out of my own pocket so cheaper is better if possible!
Not sure have a look in google for cbt nuggets discount codes, have a look at their website and see what offers they have and maybe even contact them to see if they would give you a discount.

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ComputerPros-gaAuthor Commented:
CBT nuggets is a good site but still expensive.
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