Problems with Firefox update, trying to restore bookmarks

Running Windows 7 pro on an HP z210.

Firefox upgraded itself today.  After it updated, Firefox would no longer run.  When I attempted to run Firefox, a strange blue window appeared.  No Firefox logo, just a blank blue window.  No menus , only an X in the upper right.

So, I uninstalled Firefox, removed all pieces of Firefox and installed a fresh copy. Same problem.

So, I uninstalled Firefox again , removed all pieces of Firefox and installed Firefox using an old exe file I had saved (version 22).  Now Firefox will run.  Now I am trying to restore my bookmarks.  

My backup software performs an image backup each day.  I have searched all my backup files looking for json files.  I found files ending in jsonlz4 extensions.  The files are named bookmarks-yyyy-mm -dd_Q6LaFLmQpoA618ZDsAT6g==.jsonlz4

I thought Firefox backed up bookmarks each day when Firefox was closed.

I have saved some older json files.  When I try to restore these files, Firefox refuses to restore them. A dialog box appears telling me the script file has a problem.

I'm stuck.  I need to restore my bookmarks.

1.)  I assume bookmarks are stored in the jsonlz4 files.  What tool can I use to extract the bookmarks?

2.)  What must I do to get Firefox to read the json file I have?
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MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Download the FEBE extension, and see if this allows you to restore the JSON file.
I have always used FEBE to backup my Firefox Bookmarks to an online hosted drive.

After FEBE is deployed, go to Tools>>FEBE>>Restore>>Restore Bookmarks (JSON)

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Why  use third party tools for such simple thing?
Go directly to firefox folder:
C:\Users\<your local profile>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<someJunk>.default\bookmarkbackups\
and inside folder you have historical backup so you can get those files and restore any of them (you need just last one).

You need to be able to see hidden folders for this.
Restoring data...
Firefox show all bookmarks - import and backup -- restore -- chose file
find where you have saved file(s) from bookmarkbackups folder
donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello Predrag Jovic

Yes, I tried to do this.  As I explained there are NO JSON files in the directory.  There are only jsonlz4 files.  What tool do I use to read jsonlz4 files?????
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same as JSON
procedure is the same
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
From the original post it sounded like native restore did not work. Henceforth the 3rd party suggestion.
I suggested FEBE as perhaps that might somehow be able to read the file where FF can't, I could be wrong, but it is an easy test.

Was reading this forum here of a similar issue.
A user (last post) suggested deploying an older FF version if you are unable to restore either JSON or JSONLZ4 files.
If that works, export the bookmarks to HTML, so you can import that HTML on the newer FF version
restore json and jsonlt4 is the same jsonlt4 looks like new format and did author here maybe used firefox sync?
If he did he can get boookmarks from internet
donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello Maclean
Your help is appreciated.
Nothing seems to read jsonhlz4 files.
No version of Firefox would read my saved json files.
FEBE would not read the saved json files either.
But your link to the json viewer was great.

It can read the json file.  So now at least I can read the file.
I will never backup to a json file again ever.
Well, don't quit on your bookmarks just yet.
Firefox show all bookmarks - import and backup -- restore -- chose file
and under choose file change to all files and then choose your *.jsonlz4 file

I just deleted my firefox profile, and tried solution, it worked.
Then I tried solution in my virtual machine first for testing - I tried with firefox 27.0.1 it could not restore updates, but after update to last version of firefox (to eliminate possible encryption) it worked like a charm.
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