sbs2011 not pushing updates to client computers

Please see the attached pic. I cant get updates pushed to the machines. when I try to ping from server or client to server says its ok. But I presume it is problem on the client machines.
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Did you approve the updates? From the screen shot it doesn't look as if you did.
brokenwindowAuthor Commented:
it wont let me approve
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Under "Update Status" click on the phrase "Updates Needed By Computers: 110" >>>Then on the screen that opens you can highlight all the updates and approve them.
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brokenwindowAuthor Commented:
Ok will try that
brokenwindowAuthor Commented:
I done that but as how many I approve it still says around 7000 still in need of updates, should it not automatically push them out?
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
WSUS does nothing of the sort, the clients query WSUS for updates that have been approved and then *PULL* them.
brokenwindowAuthor Commented:
so how do I resolve this?
brokenwindowAuthor Commented:
also its seems one of the computers has tried taking DNS rolls more than once which has cause the other machines on the network not to see the server. How can I resolve this as I presume it is causing the problem
You mean master browser, not DNS right? It's not an issue.

You really should look over this and make sure everything is configured right and that you know how to use WSUS. Your issue seems more like a lack of understanding of the technology rather than any system problem.
brokenwindowAuthor Commented:
I had an admin guy look at it as originally the c drive kept dropping to around 2.9gb which meant emails kept stopping. Once  it was adjusted and adeuqte space made one of the remaming issues he saw which was taking up space was the updates not being pushed out.  In his report he also mentioned

seems a PC called LGI-HP  Has tried taking DNS rolls more than once which has cause the other machines on the network not to see the server.

He said its an in house problem and the machines need to be configured one by one..   I really dont know
If you have gpo set that is pointing machines to your SUS server then that's all the machines need to do updates unless every one of them are broken.  Doubt that.

2.9 GB remaining is enough for most any system to continue to operate. However, as has been pointed out before, SUS doesn't push. The clients ask, then pull. A SUS server being out of space would really only stop new updates from being downloaded to it. Also, not sure what you mean about emails stopping, that seems like another issue entirely as this topic is about SUS updates not working.

Finally, stop listening to anyone who tells you a certain thing is happening but not how to fix it. It is likely they don't know what is happening anyway since they can't provide an answer to what they see as the issue. Your clients are already pointed to their DNS servers either statically or through DHCP. They are only using the servers that they are told to use. It wouldn't matter if another machine "has tried to take DNS roles more than once" since your clients aren't using them anyway. However I don't believe that is happening as that role doesn't move around anyway. It is likely the master browser role is changing and the admin guy you are talking to doesn't have a clue. It is best if you read what I linked and possibly even go back to the installation and how-to articles on technet so that you can form a base understanding of WSUS. This will help you immensely and do more for you than I can by just helping you with this one issue you are having.
brokenwindowAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks I will start reading, regarding the emails I mean exchange server. If the server C drive is below 3gb the exchange emails on client machines stopped working. When it is higher than that is is fine. C drive is around 16gb now .
Sounds like you either have logs or mailbox databases located on C. That is always a no no. You should consider moving it off the system drive. What you are experiencing is probably backpressure depending on the exchange version you are running. Basically exchange stops sending mails when you reach a particular percentage of available free space. This article from this site will help you understand backpressure.

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