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I am running a "dual boot" system; win 7 and win 8, with the intention of migrating to win 8.  Currently Win 8 is on a SSD which is the  place I want to be.  I kept Win7 because it's where I'm comfortable, but I run Win8 in my laptop and I am comfortable with 8 now and I'm ready no migrate to 8 on my desktop.  But with a dual boot system it get complicated; or does it?

Can I use migrations software with a dual boot setup?  If so what migration software does the best job?
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
mikecox_Author Commented:
Ok, It looks like all I have to do is select the drive where Win8 is: E in this case.  But I have this D: drive labeled "System Reserved".  Do I need to take that into consideration.  

Folder Tree
Finally, if I set a restore point in Win8 and the transfer gets botched with the restore point save the day?
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
I think system reserved is partition to recovery or something similar, you can discard safely.

About transfer, you can do a system restore and computer will be back if something goes wrong. But INMO two things happens, documents will be retain after system restore, but applications will not because system restore undo this changes.
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what do you want to migrate to win8?  Data, or also software ?
for different PC's you can use PCmover  - but i don't know if it works for 2 oS on the same PC
otherwise, i suggest a fresh install of Win8 AFTER taking a good BACKUP

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mikecox_Author Commented:
I'm migrating data and software.
then look at the pc mover site, or contact laplink for a bit of advice
mikecox_Author Commented:
I am still looking for an answer to my specific situation; which has to do with working with a dual boot system.  These answers refer to transferring between individual computers and don't address my situation.  I have a SSD and a HDD on my computer, so when I boot to Win7 the SSD is idle.

 I want to know if it is possible to do a transfer with a setup like this.  I know about these programs and how they work on separate computers.
you can migrate only from the booted OS
to migrate the other, you have to shutdown, and boot from the other OS
mikecox_Author Commented:
Ok, how would that work?  

I makes sense that I would have to migrate from the drive with win7.  Would I just select the SSD with win8 as the destination, then shut down and boot to the SSD and win8?

In other words, would Win8 not have to be running when I made the transfer?  Would the transfer take place on the idle drive?  Idle in that is not booted up and running; obviously there are no moving parts, so it always "idle", since there are spinning disks.
it looks like you don't quite understand the process
pcmover knwos where the usual files are located, eg program files, but only on the os you boot from
that's why it needs yoy to boot from the os - to transfer

>>  In other words, would Win8 not have to be running when I made the transfer?  << if you boott into W7, of course W8 is not running - why should it??
it has nothing to do with disk spinning or not
mikecox_Author Commented:
Here is the specific answer to the question; that I dug up by contacting PCmover on my own.

"This type of transfer is supported with PCmover. We actually have a specific version called PCmover Image & Drive Assistant which was designed for this type of scenario."

I am, somewhat reluctantly, awarding points because I don't want to spend time haggling over the very non-specific answers I got here.
mikecox_Author Commented:
The answer was very broad and non-specific; I had to do the research.
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