Error in subfile

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Hi guys: Can any one please help me in that error?  Thanks
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As the compile listing says, you have a CPD7817 error. What problem are you having with that?



Subfile works but why it showing error on subfctl
It's because of just what the message says: "Value on SFLPAG keyword too large for display size." So, obviously, the SFLPAG value needs to be set smaller or the display size needs to be bigger.

The CUSCTY field is defined as 20 positions wide, and it's positioned at column 65 of the display. Since the display is only 80 positions wide, that makes the field want to continue on to a second line. If subfile rows take up two lines, then SFLPAG(15) says that the subfile has to cover 30 lines for each page. (15 records * 2 lines per record)

There are no displays that can handle 30 lines of a subfile.

You can define CUSCTY to be shorter on the display so that it doesn't try to wrap to a second line. Making it 15 positions wide should work. Or you might see if widening the display with DSPSIZ(*DS4) might work. Or you can set a smaller SFLPAG() value; looks like SFLPAG(9) might work.


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